Is Tennessee about to Honor the Second Amendment?

State Senator says the Second Amendment is compromised by requiring a permit to carry a handgun, whether open or concealed.

mae beavers

If you think I don’t give enough love to politicians, take note that I give credit where it’s due. My Tennessee State Senator, Mae Beavers, is pretty awesome.

She is featured in this story from WSMV: “State lawmakers to discuss open carry laws this week.”

“I don’t think our founding fathers intended to put government restrictions on people,” Beavers said. … One of Beaver’s bills pushes for constitutional carry, which would allow individuals to carry openly or concealed without a permit. Beavers said if that measure fails, she’s sponsoring another bill that simply gets rid of open carry permits.

“I think the government is really infringing on second amendment rights when we require a permit,” Beavers said. … “[Criminals] are going to get guns illegally anyway,” Beavers said. “What we’re talking about is letting good people who can pass background checks be able to carry their guns. Criminals don’t get permits.”

And while we are thinking about Tennessee and guns, you ought to look at this story: “Handgun permits rise as legislators try to ease laws.”

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Gee, according to that news article the number of people with carry permits has well more than doubled since 2009, and in that time period the violent crime rate with guns has gone down. How can that be, since guns cause crime? Isn’t that what so many tell us? Maybe, just maybe criminals know that the more guns are in possession of the ‘good guys’ the greater the chance their thuggish efforts will be met with force. Nahhhh, that can’t be it

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