ISIS Training Video Shows Gear Stamped ‘U.S.’

As the Obama Administration’s aerial assault on ISIS continues to fail according to plan, a new ISIS training video has emerged that seems to confirm something critics have said all along.


The video shows ISIS recruits undergoing training, and at several points in the video shows that they are using tents clearly stamped with the letters US, and in the video, it appears they may be using U.S. weapons.

The problem of ISIS goes back to the Syrian so-called rebellion that has been going on for years.

News outlets around the world have carried, and critics of the Obama Administration have long been aware of, reports revealing that the “civil war” in Syria has largely been funded by President Obama, and that the Administration for years was smuggling arms, personnel and money to the rebel groups.

It’s the personnel that have proven most problematic, as many of them were al-Qaida-linked mercenaries, and as their numbers grew in Syria, they spread into Iraq, taking U.S.-provided equipment, training and money with them to form the backbone of ISIS.

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Suspicions only grew in light of the Obama Administration’s initial reluctance to engage ISIS. Once Obama had been dragged to the war room by his generals, inspired by public outrage at ISIS atrocities, the Administration developed a battle plan that could best be described as weak, simplistic and doomed to failure.

That assessment has been borne out so far, as the ongoing bombing — done mostly by the U.S. without help from Obama’s phantom “coalition” —  has had little effect in stopping ISIS and in fact may have helped it get to within 10 miles of Baghdad in the south and within sight of the Turkish border in the north.

In recent days, bombings in Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad killed at least 30 people. Up till now, Baghdad had been spared from the sort of violence racking the rest of the country.

Obama’s unwillingness to put U.S. troops on the ground puts pressure on the Iraqi security forces to bear the brunt of ISIS attacks and to try to hold territory against the growing army of fanatics. The problem with that plan, as Obama no doubt knows, is that despite the history of violence in the region, Muslims prefer not to do open violence against each other. If ISIS appears to be winning, the Iraqi security forces can be counted on to fade into the scenery.

The White House seems to be content with this chaotic and leaderless state of affairs. Shortly after Obama made his big announcement of his plan to destroy and degrade ISIS, White House officials couldn’t agree either on whether this campaign was a war or even the name of the enemy, which Obama still refers to as ISIL instead of ISIS, subtly slamming Israel in doing so.

With Turkey watching idly as ISIS troops attack Syrian towns within rifle shot of its border, it’s possible that once Iraq falls, the target will be Syria and an eventual merging with Turkey to create an even larger caliphate.

From the editorial suites of the New York Times, it may look like the president is doing his patriotic duty to combat a terrorist threat, but from the cheap seats it looks like the Obama Administration is using the U.S. military to overthrow Iraq, after so many Americans gave their lives to offer that country a chance at democracy.