Islamic Baby Name Is the Most Popular in Britain

If an Islamic baby name is more popular than any other name for new children, what can we expect in the next generation in England?

It is pretty interesting that the headline gives the reader no indication of the content of the story: “Amelia and Oliver top 62,000 DIFFERENT baby names in Britain.”

The subhead was quite misleading: “PARENTS chose 62,000 different names for babies born last year as Britain becomes ever more multicultural, research revealed today.”

The story doesn’t show us becoming “more multicultural.” It shows us that one culture is replacing the other.

This becomes quite obvious if you read the first two paragraphs:

While Amelia and Oliver were the favourite names nationally, Muhammad topped boys’ names in London.

And when spelling alternatives including Mohammed, Muhamad and Muhammet were combined, the traditionally Muslim name even overhauled Oliver as the national favourite boys’ name.

So “Muhammad” is the most popular boys’ name in London and, with spelling variations, the alleged prophet of Islam’s name is the most popular name in Britain!

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The story immediately tries to get the reader to not worry:

But Elizabeth McLaren, the author of the Office for National Statistics report, said adding together British variations such as Oliver and Ollie or James and Jim would overtake Mohammed in all its incarnations.

She said: “There are different spellings of Muhammad but that is the same as saying there are different versions of Oliver.” 

That’s somewhat comforting. I don’t doubt that Islam is still a minority in England—so that English names still outnumber Islamic ones.

But “Oliver” and “Ollie” are not, in every single case, given to a child in honor of a single individual. It is quite clear that no one names their child  in honor of anyone as often in England as after the alleged prophet Muhammad.

The fact remains that the Islamic population in Britain is exploding. What happens if that continues?