Islamic Fascism: The Battle of Our Time

Once again, a Muslim gunman has lashed out at Western civilization over the weekend, killing two people and wounding several others in a brief terror spree in Copenhagen. It’s a sign of our times and should serve as yet another warning of things to come.

Twenty-two-year-old Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was shot and killed by Danish police who cornered him at a metro station early Sunday.

El-Hussein is believed to be the suspect who shot up a conference on free expression and Islam, then proceeded to a synagogue where a bat mitzvah was being held.

The initial attack was believed by authorities to be aimed at cartoonist Lars Vilks, who is reviled among Muslims because he once drew a cartoon depicting Mohammed as a dog.

Vilks was unharmed in the attack, but the gunman killed film director Finn Norgaard. A short time later, the suspect opened fire at a synagogue, killing security guard Dan Uzan.

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein
Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein

Jens Madsen, head of the Danish intelligence agency PET, said El-Hussein had been on the agency’s “radar” and investigators believe he was inspired by Islamic jihadism. Though officials have stopped short so far of drawing a connection to ISIS or other terror groups, the Danish prime minister did not hesitate on the day of the shootings to call the murders a terrorist attack. (As opposed to workplace violence or man-caused disaster, for example.)

Closer to home, a brigade from Fort Carson, Colorado, including more than 4,000 personnel, was preparing to ship out to Kuwait where it will join other U.S. troops permanently stationed in the region to train and provide support to Kuwaiti and other local security forces.

The 3rd Brigade Combat Team will represent the largest U.S. force in the region, and it is packing the heat, with armored vehicles and enough tanks to overrun most enemies. Despite its training and designation as a combat unit, however, it will likely be told to stay in place even while ISIS rampages throughout next-door Iraq.

President Obama is allegedly waging a non-war/war (take your pick) against ISIS, but the ground troops needed to win such a conflict are just sitting nearby without orders to engage. It’s beyond obvious that Obama doesn’t want to defeat ISIS, and moves such as sending the 3rd Brigade to Kuwait are just for show, to make his supporters think he is “doing something,” which is this Administration’s mantra.

In a separate incident last Tuesday, three young Muslims were killed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in their home. Police have arrested a suspect, Craig Stephen Hicks, who has described himself as a “gun-toting” atheist.

Based on interviews with other neighborhood residents who were intimidated by Hicks, police believe the shooting was related to an ongoing dispute over a parking space.

The victims’ families, CAIR and the Palestinian Authority, on the other hand, insist the victims were killed because they are Muslim and Hicks is a quote-unquote “American extremist and hateful racist.” It’s quite possibly an accurate assessment, though once again, no one is explaining how Islam equates to a race. Police say they haven’t ruled out a hate crime yet, though the parking space seems the most likely McGuffin at this point.

Perhaps in response to the Chapel Hill killings, a Muslim student at the University of Texas-Arlington reported to police last week that she was followed and threatened by a Texas flag-displaying gunman because of her Muslim attire. In her posting on social media about the event, she mentioned the Chapel Hill shootings. Upon investigation, her story began to unravel, and she eventually admitted to police that she made it all up.

Clearly, there are a lot of people who want to promote the notion of Muslim persecution by Americans, regardless of the facts.

Naturally, into such a delicate situation and open investigation, Obama has waded like Godzilla through Tokyo, saying, “No one in the United States of America should ever be targeted because of who they are, what they look like, or how they worship.” As he wrote in his book, when things take an ugly turn, he sides with the Muslims.

Interestingly, at this writing, there has not been a peep about the killings by a Muslim in Copenhagen from Obama or anyone at the White House.

That Islam has been trying since its founding to destroy the West, mostly due to its Christian culture, is obvious to any student of history. That it is continuing its effort is apparent from current events.

Perhaps it’s just conjecture or projection of my own feelings onto global events, but it does seem as if the world is entering another stage of highly aggressive Muslim expansionism. There seems to be a definite push into the West by Jihadists, taking advantage of the already huge footholds they have in Europe and America.

It “feels,” for lack of a clearer descriptive phrase, like I imagine it must have felt at the dawn of Nazi Germany — a zealous enthusiasm among the fascist Left, and a slow, creeping sense of horror among independent thinkers.

Comparisons of Islamofascism to Nazism are warranted for numerous historical, political and ethical reasons. But really both the Nazism of the early half of the 20th century and the current wave of Islamofascism are expressions of some of the oldest impulses of humanity.

Perhaps it’s the surest proof of Original Sin that despite brief historical respites during which men are left to their own devices and freedom thrives, humanity as a whole always returns to some variation of elitist tyranny in which the privileged few rule and trample the masses under their boots.

The West has faced hundreds of campaigns of conquest by Islam and always repelled them.

I’m not certain we have the moral strength this time.

ISIS and the latest waves of terror attacks and Muslim anti-American propaganda may simply be the event horizon before we plunge into the black hole of global war. The Left in America isn’t listening to such concerns because it thinks it can make common cause with Islam against biblical Judeo-Christianity.

We lovers of freedom, we who understand and hold dear the gift secured for us by the Founding Fathers, we owe it to ourselves, our families, our country and ultimately all of mankind to make sure that when the time comes to defend the rights of humanity and light the beacons of liberty, we are ready.