Islamic Terrorist Killings “Have Nothing to Do” with Islam?

The French president, Francois Hollande, declared that the Islamic terrorist killings are unrelated to “the Muslim Religion.”

mohammad bomb head

Can we really go any deeper into denial? “French Prez: Gunmen ‘Have Nothing to Do With Muslim Religion’

French President Francois Hollande gave a televised speech today urging his people to act with “vigilance and unity” following the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks, reports Euro News. The French “will not give in to fear and we are capable of defending ourselves against threats,” he says. The Guardian quotes him as saying that “we a free nation that does not give in. We carry an ideal that is greater than us.” On another note, Hollande says that the terror suspects (two of whom were killed in a police raid today) “have nothing do with the Muslim religion.”

If President Hollande had assured us that there were many Muslims who were horrified and humiliated by the attacks, then he would be within the realm of reality. If he had thanked the Muslims who had condemned the attacks, that would have been appropriate.

But claiming that Islam had nothing to do with the attacks is just ridiculous.

Terrorists are re-enacting Mohammad’s own behavior and lifestyle of violence. They are following verses in their Koran. And they have demonstrated such personal violence in much greater numbers than any other religion.

Notice that nothing in the above paragraph rules out the existence of devout Muslims who interpret Mohammad’s example and their own texts in a way that forbids murder. Such people may indeed exist and be sincere. But the fact remains that there are many, undoubtedly millions, who approve of such terrorist attacks because they are Muslims. They even write editorials in USA Today to defend such bloodshed.

While this kind of statement pretends to be respectful of Islam, it is actually the opposite. Basically, Hollande is saying he refuses to recognize Islam as anything that wouldn’t be easily compatible with modern liberal democracy. It doesn’t matter what the Koran says or what Islamic tradition is, Islam is what Hollande says it is and everything else if not really Islam.

This mindset is why secular people who know nothing about Scripture don’t hesitate to lecture Christians on how they have misunderstood the Bible on homosexuality. It is a secular imperialism, not tolerance.