I’ve Raped Countless Women—According to Feminists

Any politically active fellow with at least a moderate level of presence on social media has seen those obnoxious photos that teenage girls and young women take of themselves in which they hold up homemade signs made with various media, the text on the sign, usually handwritten, betraying an indecisiveness in the sign-makers about whether to use upper- or lower-case letters, and so opting to switch cases arbitrarily in mid-sentence, which sentence always begins with the words “I need feminism because….”

If I’ve described that adequately and the reader is a conservative, he probably wants to vomit.

Each and every girl who makes one these whiny placards and takes a picture of herself holding it is ostensibly a shrew, trading a smile for an ice-cold glare that says, “I dare you to point out my unshaven armpits.”

If you want to get angry at a bunch of stupid feminist broads, check out this collection of these signs.

feminism rape

One of the photos I came across featured a young lass with a visible sense of self-righteousness and -importance, as if the sign she made and posted on the Internet for her like-minded friends to see is ever going give women the right to vote. (Ha! That’ll be the day!)

But worse than her sanctimonious expression is what her sign actually says: “I need FEMINISM because men can still RAPE even without laying a hand on a woman.”

Now that is one talented man, let me just say. I’ve never heard of such an ability as to rape someone while your hands are basically tied behind your back (and hopefully the guy’s in jail so he never demonstrates his act on me).

Of course what this radical feminist is saying is that ogling women is tantamount to rape, and that she needs feminism (as if abstract ideas can be in one’s possession) until that day when men get their choice (choice!) taken away as to whether or not they may direct their eyeballs in the direction of a female.

Imagine a conversation between this sanctimonious Obama-voter–because let’s face it, we know who she supports–and a woman who was raped (you know, rape-raped, because now we have to qualify it thanks to feminists):

Sign-holder: Oh my God, Darlene, why are you crying? What’s the matter?

Darlene: I was walking home from work last week and I got pulled into an alleyway and (sobbing) he told me not to scream or he’d (heaving) kill me and he…he….

Sign-holder: Oh, Darlene, no!

Darlene: Yes!

Sign-holder: He didn’t!

Darlene: He did!

Sign-holder: My God, Darlene, you poor thing! You know, you always have a fellow member of the sisterhood to talk to about this. I was raped this morning on my way to work–three times!

Darlene: What?!

Sign-holder: I know, it was terrible. Three guys, each on separate occasions in the span of thirty minutes, looked at me.

Darlene: And then what happened?

Sign-holder: Well, that was it. What do you mean what happened? They raped me with their eyes. So trust me, sister, I know what you’re going through.

Now would be the proper time, Todd Akin, to talk about “legitimate rape.”