Ivy League Schools Only Want Token Asians

Asians realize that Ivy leagues schools, for which they are more than qualified, are using a race quota system to keep them out.

The liberal hypocrisy this reveals is amazing. To hear the White Liberal establishment, racial quotas are necessary to help minorities. They never come out and say that they want to use quotas to hamper minorities and support the White majority. But there is reason to believe that the gatekeepers at Ivy League schools have decided that there are too many qualified Asians applying to enter their hallowed halls so it is their job to “grade on a curve” and make sure that there are enough places for rich white boys (and girls) to join Skull and Bones (not for girls) and be given high office in the country.

So we get this headline from the Boston Globe: “To get into elite colleges, some advised to ‘appear less Asian’

Brian Taylor is director of Ivy Coach, a Manhattan company that advises families on how to get their students into elite colleges. A number of his clients are Asian American, and Taylor is frank about his strategy for them.

“While it is controversial, this is what we do,’’ he says. “We will make them appear less Asian when they apply.”

That a hard working, high achieving Asian-American student would want to appear less Asian on a college application may seem counterintuitive. But Asian-American students already make up a disproportionate percentage of the student body at many select schools, compared to their share of the general population.

And that’s the problem.

Some call it “the bamboo ceiling” of racial quotas, telling stories of Asian-American students with perfect SAT scores and GPAs turned down by elite colleges who limit the number of Asians they will admit, effectively forcing them to face a higher bar for admissions than other racial groups, including whites.

In response, groups of Asians have filed lawsuits against top schools, including one on May 15 by a coalition accusing Harvard and other Ivy League institutions of using racial quotas to admit lesser qualified candidates over Asians.

It would not surprise me at all to find the ranks of upper academia populated by bloodline-obsessed white elitists who can’t handle the fact that their own kids have not caught a work ethic from their parents and who thus want to keep Asians out of their schools.

My only real problem with the Asians is that they are insisting on following the White Anglo-Saxon ladder to power. I wish they would make their own ladder and kick over the Ivy League one. The real problem is not who gets to go to Ivy League schools. The problem is that such schools are requirement for most offices with real power in this country.

I really liked this line from our guest post on the Supreme Court and homosexual marriage:

On April 28, 2015, nine unelected lawyers drawn from three elite law schools (Harvard, Yale, and Columbia) listened to 90-minutes of oral argument about same-sex marriage and then retreated behind a wall of red velvet drapes to confer secretly about whether the U.S. Constitution requires that the U.S. Supreme Court impose same-sex marriage on the entire nation.

In what sense is no graduate from any law school in the Mid-West qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice?

Filtering out qualified Asians, and the need for Asians to pretend to be white in order to get into Ivy League schools, tells you a great deal about the way our ruling elites really think and feel about “diversity.”