Jackie Speier Wants You to be a Victim, Too

The phrase “liberal logic” is an oxymoron. Liberals and logical thinking simply cannot coexist, I’m convinced.

If the current push for gun control in general doesn’t persuade you, consider in particular the case of Rep. Jackie Speier, another of the Brainiac brigade from California.

Speier came out yesterday for her requisite press conference supporting whatever gun tyranny the Obama Administration wants to impose on America.

Her chief assertion was that “there is, in fact, a mass killing in [the U.S.] everyday.”

If you’re including the slaughter of brain cells on the Left, then the statement’s true. Otherwise, Speier’s statement is a blatant overreach even when you take gang shootings and the like into account.

All murders are tragic, but “mass” tends to imply “a lot,” “many,” “more than two or three,” etc. It’s a typical example of a liberal projecting her own fear. I’m sure the world outside Speier’s bulletproof limousine window and gate-guarded estate must seem a cold and heartless place.

But the congresswoman’s thought process took a bizarre twist when she brought up being shot in Guyana in 1978.

I’m sure she still has nightmares about it, and I extend sympathy for her trauma. BUT … that was the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana, a country in South America. It was an event in which a cult group’s followers committed mass suicide — not shootings — at the bidding of their megalomaniacal leader. Speier and her group were unfortunate witnesses targeted by the cult’s cleanup killers as they tried to flee an armed compound.

So unless Speier is suggesting that insane cult groups armed with machine guns and poisoned Kool-Aid are stalking the United States at the behest of wannabe supervillains, Jonestown might not be the best example of the alleged everyday gun slaughter liberals see going on in America.

The most ludicrous part of her thought process, however, is that by promoting  gun control, Speier and her liberal cohorts are advocating that Americans become victims just like she was.

Now I don’t know what went through Speier’s mind at the moment she was shot and left for dead, but I’m 100 percent certain it wasn’t, “oh boy, I’m so glad I don’t have a gun to defend myself with.”

In fact, I don’t recall ever hearing any victim of a violent crime say anything like that, and I’ve covered a few crime stories in my time.

But I do frequently hear about cases where homeowners or some other potential victim successfully used a gun to stop a criminal, and all of those gun-wielding Americans were pretty glad to be armed when the bad guys came calling.