Jailed Transgender Immigrants Get Free Hormone “Therapy”

Illegal transgender immigrants who are taken into custody have “a right to hormone therapy.”

In a world where men sometimes have babies and citizens have a right to have their genitals carved away, illegal immigrants also get their “fair share.”

CNS News reports, “ICE: Transgender Illegals Guaranteed ‘Right to Hormone Therapy’ in Detention.”

An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement testified Friday during a discussion on immigration detention facilities, hosted by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, that transgender individuals are guaranteed “a right to hormone therapy.”

“With respect to treatment while in detention–the medical care standard–the standards guarantees a right to hormone therapy for individuals who need it for treatment, and even in facilities that are not covered by that standard. Our ICE House Service Corps is very vigilant on that issue to ensuring that individuals receive necessary hormone therapy,” said Kevin Landy, assistant director of the ICE office of detention policy and planning.

You have to enjoy the irony that an agency that fails to adequately guard the border actually claims to be “very vigilant” about something.


As CNSNews.com previously reported, the 2011 Operations Manual ICE Performance-Based National Detention Standards – ICE’s operations manual for its detention facilities – offers guidelines for transgender illegal immigrants who have been receiving hormone therapy before they are apprehended.

“Transgender detainees who were already receiving hormone therapy when taken into ICE custody shall have continued access,” the report said. “All transgender detainees shall have access to mental health care, and other transgender-related health care and medication based on medical need. Treatment shall follow accepted guidelines regarding medically necessary transition-related care.”

I have to admit I am curious. How many transgender illegal immigrants are there? How many have started hormone therapy before they are caught at the border?

I also have to wonder, if these foreigners really want to continue their “treatment” but cannot afford to do so, hasn’t our government, with its operations manual, basically given them an incentive to sneak into the United States in such a way that they get their hormone “therapy” paid for?