Jails Not Full Enough so Lets Ban Machetes

Anti-Second-Amendment thinking makes an attempt to ban machetes look intelligent.


Once you have accepted the premise that people must be disarmed for their own good, then you really have no way of stopping where that thinking leads you. Thus, the New York Daily News headline: “State Sen. Tony Avella wants to ban machete possession in New York.”

The sale of machetes should be outlawed after several recent attacks, a Queens pol said Wednesday.

State Sen. Tony Avella plans to introduce a bill to ban the possession of the scary blades in New York.

“The fact that anyone can easily purchase this potentially lethal tool is just crazy,” he said.

Smaller knives such as switchblades and gravity knives are already banned and listed as deadly weapons under state law, but machetes are considered the same as butcher knives.

New Yorkers carrying those knives can be ticketed for a blade longer than 4 inches, an administrative code violation. They face up to 15 days in jail and a $300 fine.

Of course, it may well be that the perpetrator chose the machete as his weapon because it was legally available. But, that doesn’t mean that, if machetes had been unavailable, he wouldn’t have been able to commit the murder. Maybe he would have purchased a butcher knife instead. Maybe he would have used a claw hammer.

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Furthermore, just because New York City bans machetes doesn’t mean they will be hard to acquire. Why wouldn’t someone be able to order them online and have them shipped to their house or apartment. Is every package brought into the city searched for contraband?

Ultimately, this is just another excuse to push overcrowding at Riker’s Island.

Under Avella’s proposed legislation, the mere possession of a machete could lead to a year behind bars.

So people who have never harmed anyone will now serve time at taxpayer expense.