Janet Napolitano Can’t Stand Whiners that Liberals Cultivate

When student whiners hold an underwear demonstration against rising tuition, Napolitano doesn’t seem concerned about income inequality.


This would be funny, if it weren’t so sad.

The San Francisco CBS affiliate reports, “Napolitano Says ‘We Don’t Have To Listen To This Crap’ As Half-Naked Students Protest Potential UC Tuition Hikes.”

University of California President Janet Napolitano remarked to a fellow regent that they “didn’t have to listen to this crap” as underwear-clad protesters denounced potential tuition hikes during a meeting Wednesday in San Francisco.

Napolitano was sitting next UC regent Chairman Bruce Varner as a group of about two dozen protesters shouted loudly, denouncing potential tuition hikes when she made the remark, which she may not have known was being recorded.

As the protests began, the cameras stayed on the regents. There was some confusion over what to do. That’s when Napolitano leans over to Varner and said, “Let’s just break. Let’s go, let’s go. We don’t have to listen to this crap.” Her hot mic caught the comment.

Kristian Kim was one of the students protesting the 5% tuition increases every year for five years. “It’s an insult to have her as the president of UC,” said Kim.

To make their point loud and clear, a group of the protesters, including Kim, pulled their clothes off down to their underwear during the demonstration, revealing the words “Student Debt” written on their bodies.

Behold the spawn of utopian progressivism: On the one hand students protesting against paying for their education (which would fill their heads with more total refuse akin to what they already believe). Then we have the other face of Leftism, the tyrant Janet Napolitano, exhibiting the same respect she did for the American public when she made sexual battery by the TSA a “professional” act while commanding “Homeland Security.”

This is what the Liberal worldview produces: Totally unrealistic expectations that someone else will pay the bills and a government that morphs into a Police State when it can’t deliver what they led people to believe they would.

This is the story of the bloody 20th Century, and we’re going to do it all over again here in the 21st with technology that’s even better at dealing with “troublemakers.”

What do you want to bet that a big part of the reason they need tuition hikes is because of Obamacare?