Japanese Family Values and Business Ethics

Our ally is setting precedents that show how family values mean something completely different from what we expect in the U.S.

In a sense, this story shows how strange Japan is to Western values. But it also might show how they have traditionally been superior.

In Japan, until this latest court case, a wife could sue a woman who had sex with her husband. The court recognized that the woman had harmed her in some way. This makes much more sense than no-fault divorce. But it also raises the question about the man. Shouldn’t the husband also be sued?

Also, there seems to already be a glaring exception to this right of a wife to sue her husband’s mistress.

According to the Japan Times,

The April 2014 ruling by presiding Judge Masamitsu Shiseki is discussed in the current edition of legal magazine Hanrei Times, which covers court cases. The magazine quoted judicial experts as saying it was the first-ever case to discuss the legitimacy of so-called makura eigyo, which roughly translates as “pillow sales tactic.”

“Makura eigyo” refers to a hostess maintaining a sexual relationship with a customer to ensure that he continues to visit the club regularly.

Some experts say the case may set a new precedent justifying extramarital affairs — as long as the third party is motivated by business interests.

In the lawsuit, the man’s wife demanded ¥4 million from the hostess for psychological distress. She alleged that the woman had conducted a sexual relationship with her husband, a company president, for over seven years.

But the court dismissed the claim, with the judge comparing the hostess to a prostitute, saying that the only difference is whether she received payment for sexual intercourse “directly” or “indirectly.”

As long as the intercourse is for business, it “does not harm the marital relationship at all,” the judge said.

So basically, prostitutes don’t ever have to fear a wife’s lawsuit because, as far as the Japanese are concerned (at least Japanese men) hiring out sex “does not harm the marital relationship at all.” Since a club hostess is no better than a prostitute, she also is judgment-proof against alienated wives.

Of course, America’s sexual sleaziness is so obvious and disgusting, I can’t claim our country is better in any way. Still, these casual assumptions seem quite alien to me. The idea that there is any chance of women’s equality spreading across the planet, the way Hillary Clinton talks about, seems to be a fantasy. Of course, she probably knows it is all nonsense because she takes money from countries that are even worse for women.