Jay Leno Dumped For Political Reasons? What Kind Of Regime Do We Live In?

Some may believe the report while others may doubt it. But the fact that the story can be told credibly tells us something undeniably true and undeniably evil about our current regime.

The headline at Infowars.com is “Johnny Carson’s Head Writer Hints Leno Was Ditched Over Obama Jokes.” They are basing the claim on this editorial on Breitbart.com written by Raymond Siller, who is introduced as a longtime writer for the Johnny Carson show.

The New York Times makes it clear that Leno was moved out of his show against his will:

In a pointed shot at his network bosses last year, Mr. Leno told a joke about a man with a knife in his back for three years: “He must’ve worked at NBC, too.”

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars asks:

Was it a mere coincidence that Leno was off the air within a year of Comcast Corporation’s 2013 buyout of General Electric’s 49% stake in NBC? Comcast donated over $300,000 dollars to Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.

According to Siller:

Once again NBC ditched Jay Leno for a trophy comic. This despite Jay’s consistent ratings dominance. NBC hopes Fallon will hold Leno’s audience and not become Conan 2. The current late night landscape is populated by 19 comedy/talk shows. Leno was the Everyman, the flyover fave. He was middle of the road, less ironic than David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel. The Caesar salad to their kale. And the only one willing to launch comedic drones over the current West Wing.

His competitors haven’t exactly hammered President Barack Obama, hardly a smidgen. The paucity of Obama jokes is the dog that didn’t bark. Like their news anchor counterparts, our hosts go gentle into that late night, despite the target-rich environment of this administration. With his pen and phone, our selfie-absorbed president is one whacked uncle away from appointing himself Supreme Leader.

It isn’t that they’ve abstained from attacking Democrats. Bill Clinton got savaged during his eight-year run and we can expect torrential yuks if and when Hillary declares. But they’re tongue-tied when it comes to roughing up the present POTUS.

The only plausible explanation for their timidity is a fear of being labeled racist. That’s unfortunate. What rankles some Obama critics isn’t the color of his skin. It’s the thinness.

Is Infowars.com correct on this? (By the way, that is a different question than whether they are right on anything else. I’m not trying to endorse a company here; I just want to discuss an idea that intrigues me.) Even if Siller is indeed hinting that Jay Leno was let go because he offended the President, that doesn’t mean he is right. The other question is whether or not he has access to inside information that leads him to believe that there was a political motive for Leno’s stepping down. Or is he just speculating? Perhaps he is guessing on the basis of the Comcast buyout that Watson mentions.

I don’t know. But I think it is worth asking another question. Why is it plausible that Leno’s career might be hurt by his refusal to treat the President like the untouchable princess that the other comedians treat him as? We know the regime has ways of influencing “private” organizations (WebMD was a straightforward example). We know they recruit everyone they can to try to propagandize. We also know the Federal Government, including the Executive branch, has many ways it can hurt a private company and many ways it can help.

The bottom line is that an environment dominated by Big Government is, by necessity, burdened by suspicion and fear. Yes, there might be some completely apolitical reason for what happened to Leno, but who can know? With all the money and all the various regulatory bodies that can hurt or help a business, it is almost impossible to rule out government involvement.

Look at what these people will do to a woman who no one had ever heard of before. Now try to find a way to believe they would never take action against the nation’s most popular late night television show.