Jeb Bush Is Campaigning to Be the Next Barack Obama

Jeb Bush says that one of Obama’s best actions as President was that he “enhanced” the NSA.

When I read things like this, I wonder how Jeb Bush can possibly believe he has any chance of winning. I wonder if his campaign is some kind of bait to drive us to vote for someone else who isn’t so open about his anti-conservative beliefs.

The Intercept provides the transcript. Bush was being interviewed by Michael Medved on his talk radio program:

Medved: If you were to look back at the last seven years, almost, what has been the best part of the Obama administration?

Jeb Bush: I would say the best part of the Obama administration would be his continuance of the protections of the homeland using the big metadata programs, the NSA being enhanced. Advancing this — even though he never defends it, even though he never openly admits it, there has been a continuation of a very important service, which is the first obligation, I think of our national government is to keep us safe. And the technologies that now can be applied to make that so, while protecting civil liberties are there. And he’s not abandoned them, even though there was some indication that he might.

Bush is lying. The NSA has not made us safer. It has allowed us to be stalked by rogue agents who were only revealed because they confessed. We will never know how much the NSA has allowed us to be abused by agents who were not so forthcoming. The NSA has left us vulnerable to hackers because it would rather be able to spy on us than stop other people from spying on us. And the NSA has hurt the U.S. tech industry because no one trusts our companies to be able to offer security and privacy. They believe that U.S. tech companies are infiltrated by the NSA. And they are probably right.

Bush is making the Orwellian surveillance state the centerpiece of his campaign.