Jeb Bush: “Let’s Help Free Syrian Army” What Could Go Wrong?

Isn’t the Free Syrian Army simply the U.S. supplies and weapons acquisition unit for ISIS?

It blew my mind when I watched the foreign policy debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in 2012 that Romney pretended we had natural allies in Syria that we could support to overthrow Bashar al-Assad who “had to go.”

It was completely delusional thinking and it wasn’t any different from what Barack Obama was already doing. Back then, Mark Horne pointed out that people who beat their enemies to death while praising God did not seem all that moderate. Things have gotten worse since then, resulting in the phenomenon of ISIS.

And yet Jeb Bush is still singing the same tune. According to the Post and Courier, reporting on a forum of GOP candidates in Manchester, NH:

Bush was less enthusiastic about putting American boots on the ground in Syria, but did support aiding the rebel Free Syrian Army with Special Forces troops. “The idea of boots on the ground, I don’t know if that’s necessary,” he said.

First of all, Special Forces troops wear boots and they often stand on the ground. So those are boots on the ground. Jeb Bush has shown himself to be a true politician in affirming he will do what he pretends to be denying he will do.

Second, “I don’t know if that’s necessary” is a meaningless phrase. All it tells us is that he doesn’t want to campaign on a promise to send our troops into battle in Syria. He is only saying he doesn’t plan on doing that at the moment. Even if he is telling the truth, he can change his mind as soon as he wins the election. And we have no way of knowing if he is telling the truth. He may already be planning for boots on the ground in addition to those special forces.

Third, why are we claiming that the “rebel” Free Syrian Army are good guys? As Rare.US points out,

This was perhaps an acceptable position in 2013, back when a serious component of the rebels seemed to have genuine democratic ambitions. But today? Hakarat Hazzm, a brigade of “moderate” rebels that received American weapons and training in Qatar, is gone. The al Anfai and Liwa Hateen divisions of the Free Syrian Army have defected to the regime. The Ahrar al-Sham movement clamoring for our attention has ties to al Qaeda and is reported to have engaged in the mass killing of Alawites. Other factions of the Free Syrian Army have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. American weapons supplied to self-declared moderates have ended up in the hands of ISIS.

Our candidates keep pretending what is reported in the mainstream news every other day is not happening. They spin fantasies about moderates and allies and give us baseless assurances that they know what they are doing.

It is all a scam.