Jeb Bush on NSA: I Don’t Understand America

Jeb Bush doesn’t understand why everyone is upset with NSA surveillance.

Bush boys

What I don’t understand is why Jeb Bush thinks he is a viable candidate for the presidency.

Seriously, does anyone doubt that Bush would vote for Hillary Clinton rather than for a Tea Party presidential candidate?

The good news is that Jeb Bush was honest about his understanding of the American populace and the U.S. Constitution. I appreciate his honesty. I don’t expect to hear much like it during the campaign season.

The issue was summed up in a pithy way at The Week: “Jeb Bush: ‘I don’t understand’ why anyone is upset about the NSA.”

I’m sure he doesn’t.

Here’s the actual quotation that originally came from the National Journal:

[T]he NSA metadata program… contributes to awareness of potential terrorist cells and interdiction efforts on a global scale. For the life of me, I don’t understand [how] the debate has gotten off track, where we’re not understanding and protecting — we do protect our civil liberties, but this is a hugely important program to use these technologies to keep us safe. 

First of all, calling the NSA’s practices “the metadata program” is a whitewash. NSA agents have spied in all sorts of ways, and have stalked “love interests.” They were never caught but voluntarily confessed during an amnesty program. If they hadn’t confessed, none of us would know anything about their activities. So, as far as anyone knows, that was only a small fraction of the illegal surveillance done on the part of NSA employees.

Additionally, the NSA works to deliberately degrade security standards. They have infiltrated professional society to work secretly to make all of us more vulnerable to hackers.

All of this and more is ignored as we are treated to asinine deceptions about a single program that “keeps us safe.” No, the NSA doesn’t keep us safe.

Jeb Bush is taking sides against the American people.