Jefferson and Jackson Exiled from Democrat Party in the Name of Inclusiveness

Is the Democrat Party showing it is inclusive or that it wants to pretend that it has no questionable past?

Our ancestors sinned.


I don’t mean the ones who were losers and whom history has forgotten. Even our great forefathers who built us a legacy that we enjoy committed serious sins.

Does that mean we should reject them and claim they contributed nothing to us? Or does that mean we should forget them and pretend they never existed?

I ask because the Democrat Party has decided to remove the names of two Democrat Presidents from an event that was named for them. CNN reports, “Iowa Democrats drop Jefferson and Jackson from annual dinner.”

Sorry, Presidents Nos. 3 and 7, a time-honored tradition in The Hawkeye State’s Democratic Party is getting a new name.

The Iowa Democratic Party’s State Central Committee voted Saturday in favor of a resolution to change the name of the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, an annual party celebration named for Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

The reason behind the name change? Both presidents were slave owners and the party is looking to distance itself from their legacies.

It’s time to “move forward and modernize,” party chair Dr. Andy McGuire said.

“The vote to change the name of the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner comes after much debate and discussion among our activists and grassroots leaders around the state. This was not a decision that was made lightly. The vote today confirms that our party believes it is important to change the name of the dinner to align with the values of our modern day Democratic Party: inclusiveness, diversity and equality,” McGuire said in a statement.

Here is why I hate this move. It doesn’t show diversity or inclusiveness or equality because it gets rid of people for the crime of holding different values than us and it picks out some sins to get angry about and leaves others alone. The urge to purge the names of Jefferson and Jackson from Democrat Party events is exclusive, hostile to diversity, and does not treat them equally.

If there was a serious movement to bring back slavery in this country, then removing their names might be necessary. But no one thinks the Democrats want slavery back. Everyone knows that the entire American public has moved past that issue. Jefferson and Jackson, being long dead, had no power to promote or legitimize slavery. So why do we need to expel them from all vestiges of the Party in which they were important and to which they contributed?

This really seems more like historical revisionism. Already people pretend to think, or really do think, that the Republicans defended slavery. This move to remove the names of two prominent slaveholders makes more sense as another attempt to revise history and help people forget the past of the Democrat Party. Rather than a move to be more inclusive, it is an attempt to shove slavery down the memory hole and pretend that the Democrat Party was produced by an immaculate conception.

If you still think that the Democrat Party was somehow tainted by the slavery these two presidents practiced, I will try one more argument. The Democrats have been holding this dinner honoring the two men for years. Jefferson was known as a fierce advocate of individual rights, local self-government, and strict Constitutionalism. He also stood against a national bank. Jackson also was an enemy of a national bank and a champion of sound money. The Democrats have honored the names of these men for years without ever feeling any need to be influenced by their commitments on these issues. It simply makes no difference.

So why are we suddenly tainted with slavery for using their names when everyone knows they have no influence on the principles of the Democrat Party in any other way?