Is Jesse Jackson Sr. On Drugs During CNN Interview?

Unfortunately, I’ve heard Jesse Jackson speak on way too many occasions over the years.  Most of his ramblings and accusations of racial hatred were espoused in a clear sharp voice.  In fact, I often wish his words were so slurred and jumbled that no one could understand what he was saying.

I heard Jackson in Phoenix years ago accusing a store manager for stopping a shoplifter.  The thief resisted arrest and fought back against the manager and a security guard.  They did their best to subdue and detain the young man until police could arrive, but the thief appeared to be high on drugs and had exceptional strength. The manager and security guard finally managed to hold the shoplifter down.  Not long after the police arrived and put the young man in handcuffs and into the back of a patrol car.  A short time later, the young man collapsed and died.  The coroner ruled it was a combination of speed, the summer heat and ‘possibly’ being held in a choke hold.

Barely two days after the incident, Jackson and Al Sharpton rolled into town and stirred up a hornets net by claiming the white manager purposely choked the shoplifter and killed him because he was black.  There was nothing wrong with Jackson’s voice and ability to speak then.  He was so clear and understandable that he destroyed the life of that store manager, who lost his job, house, wife and family before he was exonerated by the courts two years later.

However, in a recent interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Blitzer asked Jackson about Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, knowing that Jackson has made a number of statements defending Chavez harsh rule.  The question Blitzer asked was:

“What do you say to the Venezuelans, not only in the opposition but those who have fled the country, who considered Hugo Chavez a vile dictator?”

Jackson responded by comparing Chavez to America’s Founding Fathers but when he did, he sounded drugged.  His speech was slurred.  Some of his words were not completed and he kept repeating himself.  Listen for yourself:

In case you couldn’t understand what Jackson said, this was his initial reply:

“Well, you know, democracies mature, Our first 15 presidents owned people. They owned slaves. Democracies mature.”

What in the world did that have to do with the way Chavez ran Venezuela?  Was he really justifying the cruel and inhuman treatment of the Venezuelan people by a dictator that lived a life of luxury at their expense?  (Sounds like Obama, doesn’t it?)

Nothing that Jesse Jackson Sr. mumbled made sense, at least the part that you could understand.  It looks to me like Jackson should hang it up and retire, which would be good for the rest of our country, that’s for sure.