Jihad! “Peaceful” Islam is on the Move

Hateful grafitti in the name of Allah is beginning to appear in European cities.  This is not happening in Iraq or another place in the Middle East.  This is happening in Gothenburg, Sweden, where violent messages were painted on a restaurant.

The mainstream media protects Islam and calls it the religion of peace, but this is just a smokescreen.  All over the world, Islam has been violently attacking and killing people with whom they disagree.

The Daily Star Reports:

The Arabic letter for “N” – which has been used to identify Christians and drive them out of their homes by ISIS fighters – was also painted on the restaurant.

Gothenburg is a hotbed for jihadist recruiting, terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp described it as “the Swedish Centre for Jihadists.”

According to The Daily Star, Markus Samuelsson, a Swedish Assyrian, was shocked when he saw jihadist graffiti, including messages of “Convert or Die” covering the walls of his Gothenburg restaurant.

Similar messages, along with the ISIS logo and the Arabic letter ن, were painted on the walls of the Le Pain François bakery and the nearby pizzeria.  Non-Assyrian establishments were not included in the graffitti spree.

While the mainstream media continues to call Islam peaceful, it is plain that disagreement with an Islam comes with a price.