John Boehner Caves; Funds DHS

And the winner of “Worst House Speaker in United States History” goes to…


John Boehner!

The New York Times headline says it all: “House Approves Homeland Security Budget, Without Strings.”

The fight over funding the Department of Homeland Security that began with Republicans thundering about a lawless president abusing power to change immigration policy ended with a quiet capitulation Tuesday when the House voted to fund the agency and avert a partial shutdown.

In the end, Speaker John A. Boehner was forced to build a majority on Democratic votes to pass the bill, 257 to 167, with just 75 Republican supporters. But although the uprising among conservatives burned hot into the week, there was no suggestion that Mr. Boehner’s leadership was imperiled. Instead, many Republicans expressed a sense of resigned relief.

The bill, which President Obama will sign, dealt only with an appropriation for the department. Republicans agreed to drop their push for provisions that would have gutted Mr. Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

“How did we end up with kind of a slow demise, you mean, even after a very hefty kind of rhetoric?” asked Representative John Fleming, Republican of Louisiana. “Well, apparently that’s the way it’s done around here. I don’t agree with it.”

Representative Mick Mulvaney, Republican of South Carolina, called the outcome “an unmitigated loss for conservatives.” But he, like many other members who voted against the bill, also said there had been no serious discussion in the conference about trying to remove Mr. Boehner from his speakership.

What an indictment of his Ohio district that this consummate loser is the best they can send to Washington, DC. Worse? Despite being entirely ineffective at standing for anything, Republicans voted him back in as their “leader.” What a cruel joke!

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Simply embarrassing.