John Boehner Does Right on Funding DHS

Congress has done their job funding DHS and defunding Obama’s executive orders. The Senate needs to get on board.

Boehner Cave in

I am not a big fan of John Boehner, quite the opposite. But compared to Mitch McConnell he seems rather steadfast. On the issue of risking a “shutdown” of the Department of Homeland Security, Boehner is saying that he will not compromise.

According to CNN, “House, Senate GOP spar over DHS funding.”

The story reports on Boehner’s appearance on Fox News Sunday:

“The Constitution makes it pretty clear that the House has to do its work and the Senate has to do theirs. The House has acted to fund the department and to stop the President’s overreach when it comes to immigration and his executive orders,” Boehner said. “It’s their turn.”

That’s a stark contrast from what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said earlier this week.

“It’s clear we can’t go forward in the Senate” on a bill that would reverse Obama’s immigration actions, he said.

Boehner, however, said he is prepared to allow funding for the Department of Homeland Security to run out, and said Senate Democrats should be blamed if that happens.

“Senate Democrats are the ones standing in the way, they’re the ones jeopardizing funding, why don’t they get on the bill or offer an amendment, offer their ideas,” Boehner said.

This is a lovely contrast with McConnell’s failed leadership in the Senate.

Of course, it may not be accurate to make this a comparison between Boehner and McConnell as people. Rather, we might surmise that they are both politically astute and rather flexible leaders who have to serve their groups to some extent. Boehner, no matter what his personal feelings, has to keep conservatives in Congress happy. McConnell must do the same in the Senate. So maybe the difference is simply that the membership of the Republican Senate is far less conservative than that of the Congress.

In any case, we now have the odious specter of Republicans and Democrats together piling onto Boehner in the media. It is repulsive enough to see the few surviving Democrats—members of a humiliated and defeated party—being quoted by CNN as if they mattered anymore. But it is all the more evil for Republicans to try to bolster that perception with their own traitorous assertions.

In a statement Sunday reacting to Boehner, Sen. Chuck Schumer said Boehner was misreading the political optics of his maneuvering.

“When Speaker Boehner tied immigration to DHS funding he knew exactly what he was doing, saying, ‘Unless I get my way, I’m going to shut down a large part of the government,'” said Schumer, a Democratic messaging leader. “To now blame Democrats when members of his own party, conservative leaders and others, have all asked him to back off this game of chicken is disingenuous at best.”

Yes, he knew what he was doing. He was tying the defunding of something that he opposes (unconstitutional executive amnesty) with the funding of something he supports (the funding of DHS, sadly). So he is forcing Obama to show his priorities. Does Obama really thing Homeland Security is so important? Or is it more important to manufacture new Democrat voters? This power of the purse is the only power they really have and it is precisely the power they are supposed to use in a struggle with the President. Otherwise, they are just giving up.