John Boehner: I “Absolutely” Trust Obama

In Speaker John Boehner’s interview with ABC News where he conceded to the host that he agrees with President Barack Obama on the issue of debt, saying that we really don’t have any immediate debt crisis, John Boehner also stated unequivocally that he trusted Barack Obama. Boehner said that he and President Obama have a great relationship and that they’re “open with each other, honest with each other,” but that they’re trying to “bridge some big differences.” The host asked him point blank if he trusts Obama, to which Boehner responded, “Absolutely. Absolutely. There’s no issue there.”

In what capacity does he absolutely trust President Barack Obama? I can say that I trust President Obama to do the wrong thing. Like Fred Schwarz’s international bestseller published in 1960, entitled You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists). Or maybe John Boehner trusts him to act with “good intentions” no matter if what he does is wrong or right.

I think John Boehner is actually saying that he trusts that Barack Obama will do the right thing. But he can’t come across like he’s on Obama’s side, because that would enrage the GOP base, so he has to make it sound like they really are different. He agreed with Obama that there is no debt crisis, but he quickly qualified it by saying we still have to do something about the deficit, and the President doesn’t think we need to focus on the debt or deficit right now. So, see? They do disagree on something.

But at the same time, he has to come across as someone who is “working together” with the President. This might somewhat placate the liberals who love to point out where Republicans refuse to compromise. They’ll say, “Well, at least the Speaker is willing to work with the President in order to solve our fiscal problems. The rest of the GOP should follow suit and stop trying to push their radical, right-wing agenda.”

In other words, John Boehner is trying to appeal to the greatest number of people possible. He’s playing the game. And the object of the game is to maintain your position of power. Get re-elected. Keep the money connections flowing. Get promoted. And most importantly, live the good life.

Speaker John Boehner doesn’t have any guiding principles that govern his decisions. And that’s because he doesn’t take his position as representative seriously. The only two things he cares about when making decisions are money and power. “Will supporting this bill make me more or less powerful in the long run?” “Will this decision make me lose a money connection or gain one?”

There’s nothing wrong with being able to be open and honest with the President. And there’s nothing wrong with being invited to dinners with the President in order to discuss matters seriously. But we know the President is not actually “reaching out” to the GOP to try to work with them on a compromise. President Barack Obama is just wining and dining his key opponents because he knows that the GOP establishment (like himself) have no backbone and are easily bought.

We need more people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Justin Amash and Mike Lee. People who take their oath to the Constitution seriously and who do what they’re elected to do. The problem is, these younger guys threaten the establishment’s game, and the old guard will do anything to undermine them.