John Kasich Twists Scripture to Defend Obamacare

John Kasich goes into full Obamacare zealot mode and abuses the Bible to use it as a public policy guide.

Since John Kasich made his comments to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I have to assume he believes he is appealing to Hispanics when he made his silly, false comments about the Bible and Obamacare. If the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is dominated by insurance executives who think they can get a profit boost from Obamacare, then maybe he was correctly appealing to his hearers. But if he is thinking about Hispanics more generally, as I mentioned recently, they don’t seem especially fond of it.

John Nolte writes at,

During a Tuesday appearance before the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Ohio governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich offered to buy Bibles for those of us who don’t agree with his decision to increase the welfare state. Quite famously, Governor Kasich agreed to ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in Ohio.  This is his latest defense:

“Look at Medicaid expansion. Do you know how many people are yelling at me? I go out to events where people yell at me. You know what I tell ‘em? … I say, there’s a book. It’s got a new part and an old part; they put it together, it’s a remarkable book. If you don’t have one, I’ll buy you one. It talks about how we treat the poor. Sometimes you just have to lead.”

By “lead” Kasich obviously means mislead or rule.

Putting the poor into a government program is not what the Bible says about how we should “treat the poor.” The Bible exhorts people to give generously. What does this have to do with voting for government funds that allegedly go to that purpose. No one is generous for voting to spend other people’s money.

Furthermore, where does the Bible say that it is wise to go into unsustainable debt and to create ponzi schemes using the poor as a justification? It says much the opposite.

Or where does the Bible say we are supposed to force the poor to buy insurance and punish them financially if they don’t obey our orders?

And where does the Bible justify the government depriving people of their doctor or their insurance plan?

Where does the Bible justify lying to people to give them false assurance about keeping their doctor and their insurance when you plan to rip them away from the people?

Obviously, Kasich is convinced that the only way the Bible applies to this issue is by comparing Biblical commands to his wish for poor people to have “access” to medical care and his delusion that they will be helped. He thinks that wish counts as personal generosity.

But the Bible would tell him that by sinking the nation into unsustainable debt to provide services (which personally benefit him politically, by the way) he is destroying the poor that he claims to be helping.