John Kerry Calls On All U.S. Diplomats As “Our Brave Men & Women On The Front Lines.” You’ll Never Guess Why.

The brinksmanship going on between Russian and the United States right now is frightening. This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan. We’re dealing with a nuclear power.

So I’m not surprised that John Kerry felt he needed to give out, as Yahoo News reports, “his first department-wide policy guidance statement since taking office.” I am sure all the ambassadors of the United States government need to be focused and active in working toward a resolution to this crisis.

So what did Kerry tell them?

According to the Yahoo News site:

In his first department-wide policy guidance statement since taking office a year ago, he told his 70,000 staff: “The environment has been one of the central causes of my life.”

“Protecting our environment and meeting the challenge of global climate change is a critical mission for me as our country’s top diplomat,” Kerry said in the letter issued on Friday to all 275 US embassies and across the State Department.

“It’s also a critical mission for all of you: our brave men and women on the frontlines of direct diplomacy,” he added in the document seen by AFP.

He urged all “chiefs of mission to make climate change a priority for all relevant personnel and to promote concerted action at posts and in host countries to address this problem.”

The clarion call comes ahead of key UN-led talks in Paris next year when the international community is due to try to set new emissions goals for greenhouses blamed for global warming.

So in the middle of a crisis involving a major nuclear power, Kerry is more concerned of a meeting that is many months away.

What does that mean?

Remember, Kerry has been showing a consistent emphasis on selling man-made global warming. He’s planted a large carbon footprint doing so.


If you want to believe his “personal testimony” about how much he cares about the issue, have fun in your world. Kerry was chosen to do a job as Secretary of State. He is doing it. Powerful people want Global Warming pushed, even when we are going head-to-head with Russia.

The story tells us something about these “key UN-led talks in Paris next year” and the “new emissions goals” they will set.

The emission levels will be applicable to all countries, not just the developed world, and will come into effect in 2020.

The new agreement will replace the Kyoto treaty which is due to expire in 2015.

The United States, which along with China is the world’s top polluter, did not ratify the Kyoto Treaty arguing that developing countries should also be obligated to cut greenhouse gases.

So you can understand why Kerry needs to give our “brave men and women” encouragement. Our government is sending its servants to countries that aspire to our standard of living and telling them to throttle back on the most basic elements of energy and industrial production. Our message to the teeming masses to the world is “Stay poor so you don’t pollute.”

It is a message those countries have been resisting.

That is John Kerry’s high priority.