John Kerry Uses Mockery To Deal With Lack of Evidence Of Global Warming (Postscript)

It is always a wonderful opportunity when the Secretary of State for the Galactic Empire the United States of America goes to some small country whose economy is the fraction of the size of ours, because then he is surrounded by people who are dying to gain his good graces and he can say whatever he wants. It is better than having canned applause. In this case, the captive audience was in Indonesia and the text of John Kerry’s sermon was the idiotic heresy of denying global warming.

Anyone can look up John Kerry’s education and see he has no training at all in climate science. He has no idea what he is talking about. He is completely incapable, for example, of even holding a conversation with Richard Lindzen, the MIT climatologist.

In other words, you have every bit as much right to your opinion as he has to his opinion. The only difference is that he has the power to censor your opinion and all the scientists from any debate and that is exactly what he intends to do.

If Kerry has no education in climate science, what is his education? In a word: Liberalism. From Wikipedia:

In 1962, Kerry entered Yale University, majoring in political science and residing in Jonathan Edwards College. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1966. Kerry played on the soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and fencing teams; in addition, he took flying lessons.

In his sophomore year, Kerry became the Chairman of the Liberal Party of the Yale Political Union, and a year later he served as President of the Union. Amongst his influential teachers in this period was Professor H. Bradford Westerfield, who was himself a former President of the Political Union. His involvement with the Political Union gave him an opportunity to be involved with important issues of the day, such as the civil rights movement and Kennedy’s New Frontier program. He also became a member of the secretive Skull and Bones Society. He also traveled to Switzerland through AIESEC Yale.

Under the guidance of the speaking coach and history professor Rollin Osterweis, Kerry won many debates against other college students from across the nation. In March 1965, as the Vietnam War escalated, he won the Ten Eyck prize as the best orator in the junior class for a speech that was critical of U.S. foreign policy. In the speech he said, “It is the specter of Western imperialism that causes more fear among Africans and Asians than communism and thus, it is self-defeating.”

So we have here someone who was rather busy in college and, as I already mentioned, did not have time to do intensive study of climate science. It wasn’t his interest. Liberal politics was his interest.

And it is liberal politics that is driving Kerry’s agenda now.

Of course, it would be a disaster for Indonesia or any other developing economy to suddenly have to curtail their CO2 emissions, or to pay a tax for those emissions. It would be far more destructive than any “specter of Western imperialism” that Kerry imagined in his youth. The global warming scam is a rationalization for US aggression.

The good news is that the truth is winning. The fact that Kerry is forced to resort to mockery and baseless smears shows he knows he is losing.


Postscript: I was so angry at Kerry’s words that I didn’t even think about the so-called “carbon footprint” involved in his climate change international tour. See here for more details and my opinion of what it means.