John McCain Demonstrates How Americans Are Freedom-Fearing Losers

In Saudi Arabia homosexuals get beheaded. But that’s OK with our enlightened Federal Executive regime because the Saudis are Muslim allies who help us spread destruction in the Middle East by supporting Jihadists. In Russia, they are imprisoned, and we are totally opposed to that. Likewise, Uganda has passed harsher laws punishing homosexual acts. Americans hate that. We believe in freedom. We think the government should allow people to live as they please and not threaten or restrict their freedoms.


In America allowing people the freedom of association, even when limited to religious freedom of conscience, is treated as a dangerous barbarism. As far as I can tell from our national media, America hates freedom and the hysteria over Arizona’s law provides a fresh demonstration of our phobia.

Consider our “maverick” Senator, and former candidate for President, John McCain.

Funny how there is no reason for the law because LBGT is not a protected class, and yet the law is somehow fatally wrong. How can it be wrong if it lets people do what they are already allowed to do? No mention of the cake decorators and wedding photographers who have been brought to court in the United States. No mention of the push within the GOP to make LBGT a Federal protected class. No, the bill is treated as an act of unprovoked aggression.

And it is so sickening because all this angst and opposition is aimed at one of the basic freedoms of human beings: the freedom to associate. If you want a reason why Uganda or Russia refuses to follow our example (aside from being enraged by our double standard for Saudi Arabia) this should give you a big clue. All the talk about “civil rights” and tolerance is a big lie. The real objective is to use the force of law and the power of the civil government to force people to associate with people with whom they don’t want to associate. If Russia or Uganda looks at the United States, they can clearly see that the alternative to criminalizing homosexuality is to criminalize anyone who acts like a Christian or anyone else who holds to traditional morality.