John McCain Plays Video Poker While America Burns

At the Senate hearings on whether to support the President in going to war against Syria, Melina Mara from the Washington Post “reports she spotted Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) ‘passing the time by playing poker on his iPhone during the hearing.’”

Caesar fiddled while Rome burned and John McCain plays video poker on his iPhone while America burns.

Why would the GOP leadership join with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi to support going to war with Syria? Syria is not at war with us.

Not only will this war be unconstitutional; it will be immoral. We will kill more people than were killed in the gas attack.

You’ve heard the phrase, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Who will be the enemy? We will. The Muslim world will unite around attacking US. Old rivalries will be temporarily set aside to attack the Great Satan.

The GOP leadership sees this war as a way to get them off of having to deal with what’s going on right here and now. With a war going on, they won’t have to deal with Benghazi, NSA spying, IRS double-dealing, defunding ObamaCare, illegal immigration, amnesty, and any number of issues that the conservative base is trying to get them to act on.

They can now say that this war with Syria is too important to spend time on these other issues. Many Republicans consider John McCain to be a war hero. Yes, he survived being a prisoner of war in Vietnam. This doesn’t make him an authority on war. Millions of men and women have served in the military. Some make good soldiers and lousy military leaders.

Nero Caesar

There’s no guarantee that a person who serves in battle will make the right decisions when it comes to foreign policy issues. One would think that McCain’s military experience would make him think twice about trying to solve a Middle East quagmire by military action.

I’ve lived with the effects of war all my life in an indirect way. My father returned from the Korean conflict minus his right leg. It was a constant reminder that war is hell.

If you want a sobering wake-up call about the madness of war as we’ve waged them for the past 63 years, take a trip to our nation’s capital and visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Each casualty is engraved into the face of the black polished stone. Go on line and scroll through the real people who never came home from a war that was none of our business.