Johnny Cash Movie Shows How Liberals Frame Christians

Walk the Line made June Carter Cash into a saint and had to frame Christians to pull it off. Much like our President.

walk the line

I loved the movie Walk the Line and I am a fan of Johnny Cash (I am wearing my Johnny Cash T-shirt as I write this post). But there was something horribly wrong with the famed romance between Cash and June Carter.

We all think we know what it was. Anyone who has seen the wonderful movie, Walk the Line, knows that Cash was married when he began falling for Carter. He divorced Vivian and then was free to marry Carter.

But June might not have been the saintly sufferer that the movie portrayed her as being. In the movie, she has no designs on Cash but Vivian unfairly speaks sharp words to her to stay away from Cash. Carter is instrumental in getting Cash to detox from his unhealthy drug habit in the movie.

Vivian has passed away, as have Johnny and June, but her book, I Walked the Line: My Life with Johnny has just been released. The Ventura County Star published a lengthy review of the book. According to Vivian, Carter was obviously and ardently having an extramarital affair with Johnny and pursuing him for herself. She recalls the words she spoke during a confrontation: “Vivian, he will be mine.” Vivian writes of the pain she felt when she saw June being interviewed and claiming she was raising Johnny’s daughters. Vivian was raising them alone.

June was also an enabler of his drug habit according to Vivian. She helped him procure them and was a fellow addict. I have no idea if this part is entirely true.

But it is clear that June gets a whitewash in the movie, “Walk the Line.” And part of the whitewash involves more than just portraying June Carter as someone who resisted Johnny Cash’s advances, or who helped him quit drugs. Early in the movie, there is a scene in which June is shopping and runs into a Christian lady who was an admirer of June’s parents, who were famous singers. The lady basically insults June, saying that she is headed for Hell because of the divorce (I am going by memory here since I don’t have a copy of the scene at hand). She is extremely mean and June Carter is incredibly polite throughout the incident despite having her feelings hurt.

original cash family

Once again, Christians are told, as our own president said, that we should get off our high horse because we are all guilty of unchristian behavior.

So this is how it works, whether it is a woman determined to get a married man away from his wife or homosexuals wanting to force Christians to affirm so-called “gay marriage,” or a politician who wants to flatter Muslims. Not only are we given glowing, whitewashed portraits of the group or person who is being promoted, but whatever sins can be made to stick to Christians are thrown up in our faces.

That’s the playbook, and it is being followed everywhere.

And always there is the assumption that, if you are not a cool celebrity, your feelings don’t count anyway.