Juan Williams Encourages Republican Leaders to Keep Betraying Base

As far as Juan Williams is concerned, the problem is the Tea Party.

Juan Williams has written an editorial that makes no sense to me:

The late July poll found only 32 percent of voters holding a “favorable impression” of the GOP and 60 percent taking an “unfavorable view.” An early July Gallup poll also finds the Republican Party struggling for its footing on a steep downward slope, with only a 35 percent approval rating.

The biggest surprise is Pew’s finding that the slide in GOP support is primarily the result of Republican voters pulling away from Republican politicians.

At the start of the year, 86 percent of Republicans had a favorable view of their party. That figure has now fallen to 68 percent. According to Pew, that is “the lowest share in more than two years.” The poll also found an 8-point drop in the number of independent voters who view the GOP favorably, from 37 percent down to 29 percent. It is not surprising that, among Democrats, the view of the GOP has worsened amid its disarray. Only 14 percent of Democrats hold a favorable view of the GOP, down from 18 percent.

It is a surprise that backbiting, anger and contempt are this summer’s themes for Republicans. Just last November, after midterm election victories, the GOP base was energized and slinging darts at President Obama.

Now those same Republican are firing inside the tent, and with special delight at Republicans in Congress.

The depth of the disillusionment is clear. Only 28 percent of Republican voters give Congress a favorable rating, even though Republicans are in the majority in both houses.

Okay, that sounds bad. What is the reason for this shift? Juan Williams tells us:

The Republican discontent with its congressional leadership is tied to President Obama’s success in keeping his agenda on track: securing ObamaCare, blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, and winning fast-track authority for trade deals.

Right. How could Obama succeed so readily without Republican support? He couldn’t. The Republicans gave him fast-track authority and they have refused to tie anything to the power of the purse. Thus, rather than forcing Obama to choose between different desires, they allow him to keep his veto power.

So Juan Williams sounds like Breitbart’s story pointing out that Democrats are still in control of the Senate. They just use more Republican Senators to achieve their agenda now.

No wonder Republicans can’t stand the Senate or Congress under “Republican control.” They are as mad as the Democrat voters were after they swept them into power in 2006 to oppose Bush’s foreign policy. They didn’t do anything of the sort.

But Juan Williams inexplicably blames the angry voters for not meekly following Republican “leadership.”

The Pew poll can be read as evidence of the far right’s unhappiness with Republican leaders for not breaking down all attempts to govern.

It can be read that way by a Liberal attacker who isn’t even bothering to follow the evidence he presented in his own editorial. Williams gives no argument that opposition to Obamacare, or fast track authority, counts as “breaking down all attempts to govern.” How is wanting the Keystone Pipeline to be built a call to break down “all attempts to govern.”

Williams has just decided that any real opposition to Obama is some kind of anarchism so that all civilized Republicans must expect the party leadership to give us a Senate that is no different than the one we had before the 2014 November elections.

He warns us that the Republican Party is looking worse to voters. Duh, it looks worse to Republicans! And who cares if the Democrats win if the result is the same policies regardless of which party is in power?

Republicans who were elected to Congress as part of the Tea Party wave in the 2010 and 2012 elections have never shown an interest in governing. Instead, they drive the activist base of the party with acid rhetoric suited for talk-show hosts. They engage in political brinksmanship, forcing one crisis after another but shredding the party’s brand with voters.

Yes, there was that horrible “government shutdown” in 2013 that led to a stunning defeat of the Republican Party in both the Senate and the House in 2014…

Oh, wait! Just the opposite: the Republicans gained control of the Senate and gained more control over the House.

The damaged Republican brand is a liberal dogma that must be believed by faith. Juan Williams is an unconvincing preacher.