Judge: California Taxpayers Must Mutilate Man’s Genitals

California Taxpayers are on the hook because prisoner wants to be castrated so he can more closely resemble a woman.

It blows my mind that men mocking the female form are not considered repulsive to feminists. But that is only one of the many mind-blowing elements in this story.

The AP report was posted by Newser.com: “California Is Ordered to Pay for Inmate’s Sex Change.”

California’s corrections department must provide a transgender inmate with sex reassignment surgery, a federal judge ruled yesterday. It marks the first time such an operation has been ordered in the state and just the second time nationwide that a judge has issued an injunction directing a state prison system to provide the surgery. US District Judge Jon Tigar ruled that denying the surgery to 51-year-old Michelle-Lael Norsworthy—birth name Jeffrey Bryan Norsworthy—violates her [sic] constitutional rights. Norsworthy, who was convicted of murder, has lived as a woman since the 1990s and has what Tigar termed severe gender dysphoria—a condition that occurs when people’s gender at birth is contrary to the way they identify themselves.

So, if I develop a way to darken human skin, so that all those Whites who identify themselves as African even though they were born Melanin-deprived, would that invention be considered a wonderful thing? I don’t think the NAACP would consider it some great step forward in racial justice to have whites darkening their skin and passing as blacks or vice versa.

If claiming that one was born the wrong race seems so ridiculous, then there is nothing about claiming to be the opposite sex that should make any sense either. It certainly should not be a right alleged by the state. And taxpayers should not be enslaved to the neurotic fantasies or perversions of convicted murderers in prison.

Aside from the idiocy and perversity of the “surgery” (mutilation) itself, we have the nightmare faced by the prison system in dealing with safety issues.

the sex change surgery would prompt practical problems, the CDCR says: Keeping Norsworthy in the all-men’s prison could invite violence, including possible assault and rape. But she [sic] could also face danger at a women’s prison—or pose a threat herself [sic]—because she [sic] had a history of domestic violence before her [sic] murder conviction, the department adds.

This reminds me of the violent attack in a Connecticut Department of Children facility. The legislature was told that the Department of Children needed a better facility for violent and dangerous girls, never revealing that the violent attacker who permanently blinded a worker was, in fact, a teen male who “identified” as a woman.

This madness is being shoved on us in order to destroy any semblance of natural society. Our ruling class is pushing perversity as a pacification campaign. It is a version of “divide and conquer.”