Judge Rules: Affirm Homosexual Marriage or Be Impoverished

A florist who refuses to affirm homosexual marriage is not only forced to do so, but her personal wealth is made available to her enemies.


Plundering a person is an ultimate power play. That is why our so-called “law enforcement” agencies do it so readily. Government is always looking to demonstrate its power over others. But when they want to really destroy someone they don’t only plunder that person themselves, they give that person over to be plundered by others.

So that’s what happens to Christians now.

From the Daily Caller: “Judge Rules against Grandma Florist for Refusing to Service Gay Wedding.”

Benton County Superior Court Judge Alex Ekstrom ruled in a summary judgment that Stutzman violated anti-discrimination and consumer protection laws.

Ekstrom ruled that the gay couple could collect penalties not just from her business, but also from her personally, according to Alliance Defending Freedom, the legal group that represented Stutzman. That means she could lose her personal possessions and savings.

Behind this slavery, of course, was the ACLU. They sometimes stumble onto the right side of an issue, but not this time.

This homosexual couple could not and did not prove any hardship in actually getting flowers for their alleged “wedding.” No harm whatever befell them besides the typical way in which such people degrade themselves by pursuing their delusions. But this woman held wrong opinions so the ACLU, these men, and this damned judge decided to punish her.

Again, when the intoleristas at Mozilla decided to fire Brendan Eich, no one even gave a thought about firing someone for exercising his political rights. Such people have no civil rights. Discrimination didn’t matter when it was aimed at him. Likewise, when a hairdresser publicly refused service to the Governor of New Mexico because of her position on homosexual marriage, homosexuals boasted in his actions rather than ask questions about “anti-discrimination and consumer protection.” These “civil rights” only extend in one direction.

“Consumer protection” is a flattering word for what is happening. In the ACLU’s vision of “justice,” a couple of rich white homosexuals have the right to sue into bankruptcy some poor Christian minority because she refuses to hire herself out to support the lie of homosexual marriage.