Just Kids With A DREAM?

In light of the immigration bill that the Senate passed yesterday, a mere three days after it was introduced (don’t worry, I’m sure they read all thousand-plus pages of it in that window of time), I want to talk about the hopeless romanticism of the so-called DREAMers.

Democrats in 2001 wanted a heart-strings-tugging name to dub their bill that would do a whole bunch of happy things for illegally immigrated college Marxists and Che Guevara wannabes, so they brainstormed until they could come up with some words to form into the feel-good acronym DREAM. They settled on “Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors.” This allowed them to refer to illegal aliens as DREAMers. “Hey, man, they’re just following their dreams, man. You wanna crush the dreams of these kids, man?” If you opposed the DREAM Act, you hated hope and you wanted “children” (17-year-olds) to live in the streets. Flagrant propaganda, but the Democrats were and still are proud of it.

With the election of Barack Obama in January 2009, Democrats (and two Republicans) saw in him a fellow feeler, not a thinker; one who could cause precious liberals to faint with the glorious timbre of his lies; one who could effectively sell the public on emotions-based legislation. So they re-introduced the bill in 2009. Because Obama was in office, illegals felt a new “hope” that their criminal activity would be rewarded with citizenship. At the command of Democrats, these illegal youths began calling themselves DREAMers. “Hey, meng, we’re just following our dreams, meng. You wanna crush the dreams of us kids, meng?”

Probably the most devastating effect of the youthful, Marxist romanticism of these illegals is that they mimic the behaviors of youthful, Marxist romantic white kids: they wear Guy Fawkes masks. Worse than hearing lefties engage in stale, outdated chants beginning with “hey-hey, ho-ho,” worse even than seeing the flag trampled, is having to see these stupid masks being worn by even stupider people.

Breitbart has an article about the immigration bill, accompanied by a picture of a presumably illegal immigrant holding a sign with the false statement, “My Dreams are NOT illegal,” and, like the ape that he is, wearing that white, grinning mask that he saw those other coolly dressed college kids wearing during the Occupy Wall Street riots (completing the Communist look with a raggedy cloth wrapped around his head). “Hey, that mask looks cool and romantic,” he thought. “I’ll buy one too, even though I don’t know what it means.”

Neither do the OWS parasites know what it means; they just know they saw it in a movie in which a libertarian-anarchist wears it while committing acts of terrorism against the government—the very institution these young leftist lemmings want more of, a true testament to there being no intellectual basis for these people wearing this mask; it’s all purely emotion-based.

I think if scientists could study these fools, there might be some major medical breakthroughs. Here we have the first ever human specimens who can operate without a brain, and we’re just letting them walk the streets in their own filth, shouting inanities about “DREAMS, DREAMS!” and we don’t have the cajones to round them up and study them for science.