Justice Department on Hillary Clinton: Move Along; Nothing to See Here

The Justice Department on Hillary Clinton sounds like it is part of her campaign organization.

You may remember that, in addition to the issue of classified information on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, there was also the question about how we could know if she released all the emails.

The report of the Justice Department on Hillary Clinton makes it clear that they have no doubts whatsoever. Byron York writes at the Washington Examiner, “Justice Department on emails: No reason not to believe Hillary.”

Hillary Clinton’s defense in the email scandal received a boost this week when the Justice Department — the same Justice Department that is investigating the email affair — told a court it has no reason to suspect Clinton either deleted or failed to produce any emails under request by congressional or public-interest investigators. “The evidence, if anything, demonstrates that the former secretary’s production was over-inclusive, not under-inclusive,” top Justice Department lawyers Benjamin Mizer and Elizabeth Shapiro wrote in papers filed in federal court last Wednesday.

Taken as a whole, Mizer and Shapiro’s brief was so pro-Clinton, so without even a hint of suspicion that she has been anything less than totally forthcoming, that it might as well have come from the Clinton campaign media team.

Clinton has produced everything, Mizer and Shapiro wrote, including some personal emails she was not obligated to produce. In addition, Mizer and Shapiro argued that State Department officials like Clinton “are permitted and expected to exercise judgment to determine what constitutes a federal record” and “may delete messages they deem in their own discretion to be personal.” That judgment is beyond question, the lawyers argue, unless there is some evidence to suggest the official acted in bad faith. And in Clinton’s case, they declared flatly, there is no such evidence.

No, of course not. The fact that she wasn’t supposed to use a private server in the first place and set up one anyway is in no way suspicious.