Justina Pelletier Is Still Held Captive by the Government-Medical Complex

Howie Carr of WRKO interviewed Justina Pelletier’s father, Lou. When I wrote about this story back in February (and followed up a few days later) I never imagined this farce could continue.  But it has continued.

Scott Lazarowitz at the Lewrockwell.com  blog makes several observations about this interview:

My immediate take after hearing the interview: 1. The “doctors” really are, in my view, religiously devoted to their ideology of “somatoform disorder” and “behavior modification,” and seem to be willing to attempt to force any medical patient to fit into that model, like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

“Somatoform disorder” is the diagnosis claiming that all of Justina’s dire symptoms are mentally induced. The doctors who grabbed her are committed to this position.

2. The parasitic need for federal research grants seems to have become a form of “mental illness” (as Michael Savage might say), in my view.

3. We can really see just how fused together the government-medical complex is now. America really has become the Soviet Union.

I will add that it frightens me what a nest of tyrants and killers Democrat state governments can become. This especially struck me when Pelletier spoke about how he is getting no support from the Connecticut government. These liberal democrat regimes instinctively support one another. I know I often complain about Republicans, but I don’t think they are ordinarily capable of this level of child-torture.

There is a lot of other stuff in this interview that really peals back the façade and allows listeners to peer into the Hell that is the current American regime. Please listen to it.

Pray for the Pelletiers. And pray God destroys Justina’s enemies.