Kathleen Sebelius Is Not The Democrat Woman Republicans Should Worry About

When John McCain is singing love songs to Hillary Clinton, he constantly makes sure to mention Benghazi as a real problem that she needs to either answer or answer for. This may give conservatives hope. “Yes, he’s way too friendly toward her, but at least he’s going to keep her honest about Benghazi.”

But just how hard would it be for Hillary to shift attention and blame away from herself and toward the President? If she did that, I could easily see John McCain, knowingly or naively, going along with her story. And the media would probably cooperate.

You may have noticed the media is becoming more and more “helpful” about Obamacare . It is reporting about millions losing their health insurance and telling us that Obama lied about it.

Why do you think they’re doing that?

A friend of mine pointed out to me that this isn’t due to some sudden loss of loyalty to the “Liberal” (fascist) cause.

The key is that Obama isn’t going to be running for re-election as President. He will still try to push some legislation and congress needs to fight against his agenda. But he becomes less and less a threat from now on. And Democrats need him less and less.

Right now it looks like Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.

Congress, has been grilling contractors and Kathleen Sebelius about the Obamacare rollout. But all of that is obviously a way to get at Obama. To the extent that it paralyses him and keeps him from doing more damage like “comprehensive immigration reform,” that is a good thing.

But I don’t think the media suddenly started reporting on how Obama lied in pushing Obamacare because they suddenly became good people who care about America.

They are attacking him in order to promote Hillary when the time comes.

Some see Hillary as already campaigning:

Three speeches, three days.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is starting to look a lot like someone who is picking up the pace of a presidential campaign — complete with the perks and the challenges that come with it.

On Wednesday, she spoke to the University of Buffalo. Thursday, she returned to Washington for her place in the lineup of high-profile public figures at a conference the Center for American Progress was hosting. Friday night she did Colgate University’s “distinguished speakers” series in upstate New York.

Asked in Buffalo what her ideal presidential candidate in 2016 would look like, she said: “I’m not as interested in what the candidate looks like as what the candidate stands for and what the candidate really believes needs to be the agenda for America’s future, particularly as it relates to young people like students at this great university.”

And in what could be interpreted as either a slight dig at President Barack Obama – or at least a way of differentiating herself – she added, “and what the candidate brings to the table in terms of being able to not only present the agenda but have a very specific set of plans of implanting the agenda and bringing the country along.”

The Hollywood Left has already begun gathering support for her.

What Hillary will need to do, with media aid, is pin the failures of liberalism and statism on the person of Barack Obama. He didn’t have “a very specific set of plans” for “implanting the agenda and bringing the country along.” But she is far more experienced and far more capable. The media will tell her story for her. Hillary can do what Obama was only able to promise.

We are told by some that Obama is in “crisis mode.” Is that because conservatives have scored a victory or because he’s being thrown under the bus so another Democrat can rule the nation?