Keith Alexander: We Totally Failed to Stop Terrorists, So Give Us More Money & Power

Keith Alexander, who until recently was the director of the NSA, gave an interview to Matthias Schwartz for the New Yorker.

Alexander: The probability of an attack getting through to the United States, just based on the sheer numbers, from 2012 to 2013, that I gave you—look at the statistics. If you go from just eleven thousand to twenty thousand, what does that tell you? That’s more. That’s fair, right?

Schwartz: I don’t know. I think it depends what the twenty thousand—

Alexander: —deaths. People killed. From terrorist attacks. These aren’t my stats. The University of Maryland does it for the State Department.

Schwartz: I’ll look at them. I will. So you’re saying that the probability of an attack is growing.

Alexander: The probability is growing. What I saw at N.S.A. is that there is a lot more coming our way. Just as someone is revealing all the tools and the capabilities we have. What that tells me is we’re at greater risk. I can’t measure it. You can’t say, Well, is that enough to get through? I don’t know. It means that the intel community, the military community, and law enforcement are going to work harder.

And then again, Alexander repeated himself at the end of the interview:

I really am concerned that something bad is going to happen. And I don’t want to be Chicken Little. But I do think people need to know that we’re at greater risk, and there’s a lot more coming my way

Please remind yourself of what we were told about the strategy of the United States after September 11, 2001. We were going to “drain the swamp” in Afghanistan and Iraq. We were going to wage “war on terror.” We were going to defeat our enemies and make the world safe. We were going to go fight them on their own turf.

Did we make the world a safer place? No, not at all.

Instead, we made Afghanistan into as bad a swamp as it was before. We did the same for Iraq. We constantly hear of al Qaeda sponsored bombings in Iraq now. We armed terrorists in Libya who then turned around and killed our ambassador. We’ve armed many in Syria—people who are al Qaeda and who would gladly kill Americans as quickly as they kill Christians.

So, as a result of this global failure, we are now more at risk than ever before. And just like we gave money and power to Hank Paulson when he totally failed to foresee or avert the financial crisis, now we are supposed to give funding and power to the same government that has actually made the world more dangerous for Americans.

Think of all the money spent since the end of 2001 on military operations and security. All that time and our leaders are still assuring us that we are facing even greater danger. All that expense and it seems like we are even worse off!

The government is holding us hostage.