Kermit Gosnell IS The Pro-Choice Movement

Many Americans, under the careful indoctrination of our youth by campaigning through the glamours of popular culture, have grown up with a troubling disrespect for life, that most beautiful of all miracles.

Kermit Gosnell, who delivers babies into toilets, slits their necks, and severs their spinal cords, is not the only barbarian in the pro-choice movement; Kermit Gosnell is the pro-choice movement. Every single one of his customers, each and every mother whose body is taking care of another person’s body that she chose to allow in there in the first place, is a barbarian.

Gosnell’s operating room has been described as a house of horrors with dirty instruments and blood and feces everywhere. In every article I’ve read about it, there is always concern–sometimes only a hint of it and sometimes distinct–for the women terminating the lives of their babies. This is completely unwarranted. When Person A holds a victim still so that Person B can kill him, are we concerned for the safety of Person A? Women who kill their defenseless babies, who embody the very essence of innocence, deserve whatever consequences they get in the process.

It is such a crock what liberals are saying: “If we outlawed abortion, this is what would happen.” Bull! Abortion is legal and this is what happened. When we elect politicians with a godless disrespect for life, we elect for the creation of more Gosnells. If abortion were illegal, it would be a lot harder for such psychopaths to operate such a business. And if abortion is illegal and a mother goes to an abortionist who is willing to do this illegally, and he performs poorly or his instruments are unsanitary, and the mother winds up contracting a disease or a slight miscalculated movement renders her effectively hysterectomized, so be it. It was her choice. She chose to have the abortion.

It is true that there will never be a shortage of evil, barbaric, inhumane people no matter how many of their actions we outlaw. We can diminish the murder rates of pre-born babies, but we can never stop them all.

There will always be, for example, women like Cherlie Lefleur of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who decided she could commit Gosnell’s deeds all on her own by delivering her fetus-magically-turned-baby into a toilet bowl and, when he wouldn’t flush, throwing him away in the trash can.

She chose; a baby was put to death. There’s your pro-choice movement.