Kerry: Iran to get Nuke Deal, ‘Allah Willing’

It was just a solitary phrase, spoken in passing at a chocolate shop. (Who spends their time in a chocolate shop?)

But the fact that it was the secretary of state who said it, amid current circumstances, is enough to put the fear of God, or rather the fear of Allah, into any normal human being.

“Inshallah,” Kerry said in response to a reporter saying Iranian acquaintances were looking forward to a deal.

Inshallah is Arabic for “if Allah wills it.”

Twitter commenter Ian Sugar snarked, “Impressive:@JohnKerry boils down six years of Obama foreign policy vision into one word: ‘inshallah’ @lrozen.”

Kerry of course is currently engaged in “talks” to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Based on reports from AP, AFP and other international wire services, Kerry is pretty much giving Iran anything it wants just so his boss, Emperor Obama, can take a deal to the United Nations and use a vote by that foreign body to force the Congress into rubber stamping his foreign policy “legacy.”

You’d think after six and a half years, an Administration that has been as criticized as Obama’s for its friend-to-terrorists and enemy-to-Israel attitude would be at least a little bit circumspect when negotiating with one of the Axis of Evil about its nuke program.

But by this point, the Congress, the courts, the media and the American people have shown that nobody will stop the emperor, so the Administration is just more and more brazen about the Muslim sympathies it used to try to hide.

A nuclear deal if Allah is willing?

No, Mr. Kerry, Allah is willing to kill Jews and Christians, and Allah is willing to conquer Europe and destroy America, and Allah is willing to use you as a dupe to increase the power of the United Nations, which will be the perfect base one day for the Islamic global takeover. Allah may even be willing to make your boss look like a hero to the dim bulbs on the Left.

But what Allah is not willing to do, sir, is allow Iran to take any actions that will lead to America’s or Israel’s safety.

I know you and your friends in the Administration don’t live in reality, but in the world most Americans call home, negotiating with Iran is like kissing a shark. Americans should be very afraid that you are giving away the farm, according to news stories.

If God is willing, your negotiations should fall through.