Kerry: Obama Will Attack Syria “No Matter What Congress Does”

At least Obama has come to the Congress. That may be the one thing that causes his approval rating to inch up a tenth of a degree.

But the Secretary of State is saying Obama doesn’t really need congressional approval. I guess it’s just a political move to appease the masses, and it’s more symbolic than anything:

“Kerry said the administration was confident of winning a motion of the kind that David Cameron unexpectedly lost last week. ‘We don’t contemplate that the Congress is going to vote no,’ Kerry said, but he stressed the president had the right to take action ‘no matter what Congress does.’ … He said the Obama administration’s clear preference was to win a vote in Congress, which could come as early as next week, after politicians return from their summer recess on 9 September. He could ‘hear the complaints’ about presidential abuse had Obama not gone to Congress, and its backing would give any military action greater credibility: ‘We are stronger as a nation when we act together.’ But he added: ‘America intends to act.’

So, even if Congress votes him down, Obama will, according to Kerry, launch some kind of attack on yet another country halfway around the globe, that hasn’t done anything to us.

And Kerry stated that Obama wouldn’t “limit” himself to just plain old cruise missiles, adding that the administration “may even be able to provide greater support to the opposition.”

Great. Just what they need. More support from us. So they can do what? Launch more attacks that can be blamed on Assad? Maybe this time, they’ll blame the attacks on Ahmadinejad and Putin so that we can bomb those countries while we’re at it.