Kerry Plays ‘Stupid American’ Again in Gaza Conflict

As the Gaza conflict shows us again: one of the problems with the Obama Administration is that the people who should be doing their jobs are on perpetual vacation, and the people who should just go play golf are at their jobs making a bigger mess of things.

While King Putt’s absentee imperial presidency seems to have been left to roll along¬†without Barack Obama’s physical presence, Secretary of State John Kerry should just sit down and take a break from trying to bring peace to the Middle East.

Better men than him have tried to resolve the Middle East problem under equally harrowing circumstances. Some of them thought they were close to “fixing” the region, but it’s all been for naught because of the same reason that has been at the root of Mideast violence for seven decades: The Palestinians and their sponsor states refuse to accept Israel’s right to exist.

From what’s been seen publicly of Kerry’s efforts, they’ve mostly involved a lot of jet fuel and a lot of telling Israel to step down in its military attacks on the Gaza Strip.

For his efforts, the Palestinians have continued to hurl rockets into civilian areas of Israel and whine when Israel strikes back.

As usual, Kerry is being egged on by major media who lean to the Palestinian side. Thus, when Kerry makes another pointless trip into Israel, coincidentally violating the temporary ban on flights into Tel Aviv, CBS calls it “a sign of sheer will to achieve a cease-fire agreement in the warring Gaza Strip,” rather than the futile grandstanding that it really is.

Kerry for his part only claims “some progress” and lots of “work remaining” despite the flurry of flights, meetings and phone calls.

The FAA ban on flights, which has now been lifted, was seen by many in Israel, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as an effort by the U.S. to squeeze Israel and force it to abandon its military campaign. The White House has denied that the ban was an effort to arm-twist Israel, but considering Obama’s well-known dislike of Israel and support for Muslims, the Administration has zero credibility on the issue.

Globally, protests have sprung up in many European countries against Israel and in support of Palestine. As political statements go, the protests and their media coverage are less a measure of public feelings on Israel than they are on the generations of positioning by Muslims.

Focusing only on Israel’s efforts to protect itself from the hateful barbarians behind Hamas is misguided, however. Decades of U.S. “peace” efforts have failed because they’ve completely missed the point.

Israel is just the current target No. 1 in a global effort to overthrow Western civilization that began the moment the first Muslims began killing Jews and Christians under Mohammad’s approving gaze. In the past, other places have been the pivot point for Muslim expansionism, such as Constantinople (now called Istanbul), Syracuse and the Iberian Peninsula. Islam has always grown at the expense of Christians and Jews.

Europe remained European through the efforts of great leaders and more than a little luck.¬†Heroes like Charles Martel always seemed to arise in time to fight back waves of Muslim aggression. But the Muslim ambition to rule the world hasn’t been abandoned. If it focuses on the West, it’s because Western civilization, in particular biblically faithful Christianity, stands in the way of conquest and morally opposed to just about everything Islamic.

The broader battle lines of the war can be seen in the thousands of protesters who took to European streets to march, vandalize and pillage in support of Allah’s “impending victory” over Israel. It’s Israel being bad-mouthed, but it’s France and Britain being looted and burned.

Until the day comes that Western leaders acknowledge the war being waged, there will never be peace in the Mideast.