Kerry Wants State Job So He Can ‘Fix’ Environment

If there’s a worse choice for the post of secretary of state than Sen. John Kerry, it’s hard to imagine.

Hillary Clinton was no great shakes at the job, and she leaves in the shadow of the Benghazi, Libya, attack that left four Americans dead because the State Department couldn’t get its act together and provide decent security.

But even if she was a poor manager, there was never the impression Clinton wasn’t serious about the job.

In Kerry, however, you have a phony patriot who makes much of his Vietnam war record but is among the most anti-military Democrats around. Over the years, his anti-American feelings have turned him into a pro-U.N., environmental zealot.

During his failed presidential campaign, the media worked overtime to burnish his record but couldn’t bury information that Kerry’s three Purple Hearts were given under dubious circumstances. The public also learned how Kerry supposedly threw his medals away during an anti-war demonstration.

Then there was his Senate testimony in which he accused U.S. soldiers in Vietnam of war crimes that he supposedly had witnessed. It helped ruin the reputations of military men for a generation.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Kerry plans to use the position of secretary of state to promote his global warming agenda. From that office, he plans to promote the global warming scam as “a slow-motion crisis in need of a global solution,” as the Times put it.

In August, Kerry put his views on global warming in perspective in a speech from the Senate floor:

“Today we had a hearing in the Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of Syria, and we all know what’s happening with respect to Iran, and nuclear weapons and the possibility even of a war. Well, this issue actually is of as significant a level of importance, because it affects life itself on the planet, because it affects ecosystems on which the oceans and the land depend for the relationship of the warmth of our earth and the amount of moisture that there is and all of the interactions that occur as a consequence of our climate.”

With Kerry’s appointment, President Obama is paying back a debt. Kerry was the one who, back in 2004, gave Obama the chance to speak at the Democratic Convention, his first national appearance.

Kerry has long been involved in the scheme to use global warming to weaken America. His wife, heiress to the Heinz fortune, has used her Heinz Family Foundation and other foundations to fund organizations that push the United Nations’ Agenda 21 for forcing “sustainable” living on unsuspecting Americans.

The fact that Kerry can say with a straight face that global warming is as urgent an issue as war in the Middle East says all you need to know about his fitness for the post of secretary of state, as well as what we’re in for if the Senate approves his nomination.