Ketchup Gives Us A Window Into the Kleptocracy


Former Heinz chief executive William Johnson received $110.5m (£66.1m) for the final eight months of 2013, the food firm disclosed in a filing to US regulators.

Current boss Bernardo Hees, who joined the firm in June, received $9.2m.

Mr Hees has cut more than 3,400 positions and closed factories in an effort to boost profits.

Heinz was bought by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital for $28bn in February 2013.

The firm, whose products include ketchup, baked beans, and a variety of frozen meals, reported a net loss of $71.7m from February to December 2013.

It announced the closure of three US plants in November and two European processing plants in February this year.

Let me get this straight… Heinz lost $71-million… but paid their former CEO $110-million. Um… I’m just a simple man… not an Ivy League-educated “Master of the Universe,” but… I think I know how the company could be made profitable again.

This is a company owned by Obama lackey Warren Buffett, and our Secretary of State’s wife is in the mix, too (Teresa Heinz Kerry)… but these are the people always lecturing about income inequality?

How about your clean up your own houses, first, and then we’ll talk? The hypocrisy of the so-called “Left”—the alleged champions of the little guys—is beyond description.

NEWSFLASH: None of the elites give a da#@ about the “little guys”… they’re all about protecting each others’ power and profits, and using the government to do it. They’ll throw welfare sops and “free” birth control our way to make it look like they care, but please… wake up to the reality.

This is not “free market”… this is not “capitalism”… this is no longer a Republic (or a Democratic Republic)… it is an Oligarchy, plain and simply. And it will remain that way until we remove power from government, and bring it back to the States, our local communities, and to us… as the Founders originally designed it to be.