Kevin McCarthy: GOP Rep to Watch or Watch Out For?

Politico is telling us that Kevin McCarthy is the rising star in the Republican Party and Congress with an agenda to “save” the GOP.

GOP Dems dome

Personally, I want Justin Amash to be the savior of the Republican Congress. But McCarthy is now the “number two” guy and he claims he has an agenda.

Politico seems to love him: “Exclusive: Kevin McCarthy vows change on Hill to save GOP.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy landed here from Los Angeles with a bang: He bluntly warned that Republicans will blow the presidency in 2016 if they don’t make some radical changes — and quick.

McCarthy, speaking without a working microphone, told a group of Long Island donors that Republicans’ gains in the House will amount to little if they can’t govern over the next two years.

“I do know this,” McCarthy said. “If we don’t capture the House stronger, and the Senate, and prove we could govern, there won’t be a Republican president in 2016.”

The crowd groaned at his prediction. McCarthy feels the same.

Legislative cliffs are over. One muscular, unified agenda will bridge both chambers. If he has his way, House and Senate Republicans will kick off the year at a joint retreat to get on the same page. He and Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) have already been holding private dinners with lawmakers from both chambers to build relationships.

“You have a lot of new people over there and [they] don’t instinctively like the Senate to start with, which I get,” Thune said in an interview. “In the House, it’s a dynamic where you really have to work it. And we’re trying to do a better job of that.”

McCarthy’s vision is a departure from the past four years under former Majority Leader Eric Cantor, when brinkmanship and dysfunction ruled. Now, alienated voters must be won back for the GOP to have a shot at the White House in 2016.

I’m really suspicious about this.

In the first place, what about Obamacare? A whole new wave of people are going to be driven into bankruptcy by that law. Are we going to give up on it?

Somehow the article reviews McCarthy’s plan without giving me much idea of what it is. He wants to pass laws that people will like and that, if Obama vetoes them, will hurt Democrats in 2016. But reducing spending and lowering the burden of taxation and bad health insurance don’t seem to be priorities. Nothing is said about homosexuality or abortion. But this is not too encouraging:

McCarthy’s desire to change Washington has roots in Silicon Valley, where the majority leader spends a lot of time. He frequently shuttles future congressional leaders to the Bay Area — Republicans like Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Mike Pompeo of Kansas and Susan Brooks of Indiana — for tours of businesses and “free-flowing discussions” in the evening. He counts billionaire Elon Musk as a friend and has introduced Republicans to luminaries like Mark Zuckerberg and top executives at companies like Oracle.

McCarthy is also one of the supporters of granting illegal immigrants citizenship if they serve in the military.

While I’m open to more information, at this point I think McCarthy is a Republican to watch out for.

What do you think?