Kill That Baby Abortion Game

If you want to see just how bad the depravity of the American people has become, turn your attention to some students at Hunter College in New York City.

Founded in 1870, Hunter College is now the largest college in the City University of New York (CUNY) system.  Located in the heart of Manhattan, its current enrollment runs around 22,000 from all different backgrounds.

Recently, some of those diverse students gathered in a cafeteria and began playing a game that they called ‘Abortion Battles.’  Students, mostly male, placed a balloon under their shirt and then would square off against another balloon toting student and try to pop each other’s balloon with a plastic fork.

The game itself seems innocuous at first, but when you think about the implications, it’s rather chilling.  Kids have been trying to pop each other’s balloons since back when I was a kid and if anything, it was just being kids or being malicious.  However, in this case, the students are mocking and trivializing abortion and the killing of unborn innocent babies.

In one part of the video below, you can hear a bystander shout, ‘kill the baby, kill it.’  Sadly, more and more Americans believe there is no real difference between popping a balloon and murdering an unborn child and the actions of these college students clearly demonstrate it.

America is becoming desensitized to the horror of abortion.  With all of the violence on TV, movies and video games, they are numb to pain inflicted on a child in the womb when they have their limbs ripped from their tiny bodies.  Popping the amniotic sac and emptying out its contents to them is no difference than popping a balloon and emptying out its contents.

Surely our time of judgment as a nation is coming, and perhaps it’s already here.  God gives nations rulers that they deserve and since America has murdered nearly 60 million unborn children, Obama could be just what He wants us to have as part of His judgment.  And I’m sure that judgment includes the fall and collapse of America as we knew it, all because we turned away from God and embraced a hedonistic religion that thrives on the blood sacrifices of unborn children.