It Was Only About Killing Babies: Obamacare Shows Obama Is Succeeding Exactly As He Planned

Do I exaggerate?

Perhaps I could unfold my statement and include that it is about making sure that third parties have to pay for killing babies. Or that no “religious” scruple is permitted to allow a third party an exemption for killing babies. Or that it was about establishing a right to plunder others for one’s birth control and abortion needs.

But I think my headline is still on point.

What I want conservatives to realize is that Barack Obama is not failing. The disastrous rollout, and the multiple delays are all failures only if Obama really needs them to succeed to get what he wants. But he doesn’t need them. They were never what he cared about.

I used this helpful post in another of my posts, but notice the headline: “Obama Administration: We Never Mean a Word We Say.”

This isn’t even a laugh line anymore. It’s just an eye roller. And how silly these guys look now.

He doesn’t look silly to me. He looks outrageously successful.

If he had cared about the insurance “exchange” working he would have followed the progress of and made sure it was ready. He didn’t. He didn’t care about it.

I initially thought that this oversight was due to his prodigious arrogance. It may indeed be hurting him more than he can perceive due to that arrogance, but it is not enough. The fact remains that Obama has demonstrated what he cares about.

All you have to do is ask, What is the one aspect of Obamacare that the Administration refuses to delay or grant a waiver for?

You know the answer.

Hobby Lobby is defending itself before the Supreme Court because Obama has one goal: He wants it to be established as law that he can force third parties to support elective procedures for preventing birth and/or killing babies no matter what their consciences say about such actions.

All the rest was just window dressing. He has shown repeatedly that he doesn’t care about it and that he is willing to delay it or carve out exceptions. The one thing he has shown himself absolutely committed to is that mandate to force employers to pay for insurance that covers contraceptives and especially “morning after” abortifacients.

Humanly speaking, the only thing that can possibly thwart Obama from succeeding is the correct Supreme Court decision. I am praying I am wrong but I suspect the verdict has already been decided.

We’ll see.