Kim Davis Was Not Elected into Office by the Supreme Court

Kim Davis, as a county clerk, answers to her constituents who voted her into office; as someone made and saved by King Jesus she answers to Him.

I hate to admit my ignorance, but I must do so now. When I posted earlier about Kim Davis, the Christian county clerk who refuses to sign so-called “marriage licenses” for same sex couples, I had no idea that her office was an elected position.

In my opinion, the fact that she is not simply an appointee, but is voted into office by her constituents, changes everything. I wondered before why she didn’t simply resign. Now I realize she ought not resign.

I am relying here on her own letter of explanation, as found at the Washington Post website. I have reproduced it with my own emphasis.

If Kim Davis was elected into office, that means she is working for no one other than the people of Rowan County. Is she supposed to behave in a lawful manner? Absolutely. So are those Supreme Court justices who just took over the functions of all state legislatures (and God, more importantly) by redefining marriage. Their lawless act should be thrown back at them. Davis is not the one violating any law here.

Davis ran for office in good faith that she could hold office as a Christian as is established by the First Amendment among other provisions in U.S. law. She did nothing wrong. Now the Supreme Court is ordering her to sign off on a lie—that two men or two women can be married. She refuses to tell a lie and she knows her eternal destiny hangs in the balance.

If this isn’t a First Amendment issue, what is?

But will any Republican in Congress or the Senate stand up for her? What about Mitch McConnell?

Davis, as a lowly county clerk, is quite vulnerable. If Republicans in Congress, who will suffer nothing for siding with her, are too afraid to do so, then they are cowards who should practice getting used to the smell of sulfur.

I have yet to see anyone try to recall Davis from office. You know why Liberals can’t start such a campaign. She would probably have overwhelming support in the county. So the only option is to get a lawless court to lynch her or to do it in some other lawless way.

As a friend of mine recently said, Go Kim, go!

I have worked in the Rowan County Clerk’s office for 27 years as a Deputy Clerk and was honored to be elected as the Clerk in November 2014, and took office in January 2015. I love my job and the people of Rowan County. I have never lived any place other than Rowan County. Some people have said I should resign, but I have done my job well. This year we are on track to generate a surplus for the county of 1.5 million dollars.

In addition to my desire to serve the people of Rowan County, I owe my life to Jesus Christ who loves me and gave His life for me. Following the death of my godly mother-in-law over four years ago, I went to church to fulfill her dying wish. There I heard a message of grace and forgiveness and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. No one is. But I am forgiven and I love my Lord and must be obedient to Him and to the Word of God.

I never imagined a day like this would come, where I would be asked to violate a central teaching of Scripture and of Jesus Himself regarding marriage. To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience. It is not a light issue for me. It is a Heaven or Hell decision. For me it is a decision of obedience. I have no animosity toward anyone and harbor no ill will. To me this has never been a gay or lesbian issue. It is about marriage and God’s Word. It is a matter of religious liberty, which is protected under the First Amendment, the Kentucky Constitution, and in the Kentucky Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Our history is filled with accommodations for people’s religious freedom and conscience. I want to continue to perform my duties, but I also am requesting what our Founders envisioned – that conscience and religious freedom would be protected. That is all I am asking. I never sought to be in this position, and I would much rather not have been placed in this position. I have received death threats from people who do not know me. I harbor nothing against them. I was elected by the people to serve as the County Clerk. I intend to continue to serve the people of Rowan County, but I cannot violate my conscience.