Obama May Let Iran Off the Hook by Decree

There’s this quaint old theory that the world is a safer place when bad guys don’t have big, nasty weapons.

Some classic examples would be, say, Lex Luthor and a kryptonite laser, the Joker and a machine that turns Gotham City residents into balloon animals, Red Skull and the Tesseract, or Iran and a nuclear missile.

Only that last is a real-life threat, as much as Iran’s leaders may resemble cartoon villains.

Keeping Iran — the root of much of the world’s terrorism and many of the globe-conquering schemes of Muslim radicals — from getting a nuclear weapon has been a priority among many countries, particularly Israel, which on Iranian maps has been renamed Ayatollah Gardens.

It had been thought to be a priority for the United States, but a funny thingĀ  happened on the way to secret negotiations between the Obama Administration and Iran. The United States had a relapse of Jimmy Carter fever.

Older voters may recall that peculiar disease, in which an American president attempts to appease psychotic, megalomaniacal Muslim fanatics by giving them everything they ask for, in vain hopes that they’ll turn around and be nice to us.

So instead of putting an end to Iranian nuclear research, we have a “deal” with them in which they promise to slow down nuclear development and we promise to look the other way when they don’t.

This doesn’t sit well with some members of Congress who have insisted on some sort of oversight. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration feels about oversight the way a teenager feels about mom and dad reading his emails, and the White House has worked to keep the negotiations process under its sole control.

Obama even went so far in December as to crack down on oil and shipping companies that were violating existing Iranian sanctions — just to persuade Congress not to pass tougher sanctions and get involved in addressing the nuclear situation on its own.

Now that Obama has declared 2014 his “year of action” and promised to use executive orders to sidestep Congress and the Constitution, the rumors are stirring that the Iranian-sympathetic Obama will not only continue resisting new sanctions but will begin lifting the current restrictions placed on Iran.

Congress’ inaction on Obama’s unconstitutional use of executive orders has left the president feeling he is the final federal authority in all matters. Combined with his schizophrenic and foolish Mideast policies, it’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s not so much a question whether the president will ease Iranian sanctions as it is when he will do it. After all, we really, really want the crazy mullahs to like us.