Knives Don’t Kill; People Kill!

While the news seems like it must be satire, the British police really are offering amnesty for people who turn in their knives.

Only two days ago I wrote about a vicious attack on an unarmed young man by a group of four with a machete. I argued that since laws against carrying guns meant that people could be attacked by long knives, like a machete, that such laws naturally demanded another set of laws banning knives.

Then yesterday I saw this story at Countercurrent News: “British Police Call On Nation To ‘Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife’ As ‘Knife Violence’ Continues.” It links to the Facebook post of the Lancashire Police in the United Kingdom.

Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife

We have joined forces with the ground-breaking national anti-knife crime campaign ‘Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife’, as the force’s knife amnesty comes to an end.

Since the amnesty began at the end of August, more than 800 knives have been handed in across the county – including swords, machetes and commando knives. The amnesty was extended for a further week owing to its success. 

Lancashire officers have now given their backing to a national initiative designed to raise awareness of knife crime and encourage the surrender of dangerous weapons. 

The British Ironwork Centre, which is coordinating the project, intends to use the collected knives to create a 20 feet high guardian angel sculpture in memory of those whose lives have so tragically been lost. 

Despite the amnesty ending this week, police say people can continue to hand in any knife at any police station with a front counter as well being able to drop them into the designated bins. 

Police are looking to keep the bins and extend the number of locations to include job centres, community centres and leisure centres. 

The “Save a Life, Surrender your Knife” campaign is creating and providing bespoke knife collection bins to be located in the cities around the UK. 

So when I point out that the logic of gun control is going to have to keep going to make sure that other weapons (and tools!) are removed from the public, we have some empirical validation for my claim.

And it is worse. Not only does the logic of gun control mandate knife control, but the acceptance of gun control rots the brain, metaphorically speaking. Read the words above. Go read the rest of the Facebook post. That entry is not satire from the Onion. These are serious people dealing with a serious social problem. And they are acting like children. They expect everyone else to be like children.

How else could it be? Children don’t get to be free. They are under parental oversight and authority until they grow up. By treating adults as people who can’t be trusted with sharp objects and must be kept safe from them, the police are treating the entire Lancashire adult population as a big crowd of young children. You may remember that point when you felt your son (or daughter) was “old enough” to be given his own knife for his birthday. Perhaps you remember that special birthday when you were a child and your parents gave you a knife.

The official position of the British police is that everyone is younger than that. And from cradle to grave they live in a never never land where no one may grow up.