No Knock Raids Need to Be Stopped to Save Policemen’s Lives

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The video is outdated. One of the Police officers died.

A Killeen police officer has died after being shot in the line of duty Friday. 

Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie succumbed to his injuries at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, just after 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon. 

Dinwiddie, along with three other officers, were shot while serving a search warrant Friday. 

Authorities went to a four-plex apartment in the 1100 block of Circle M Dr. to serve a search warrant. When Dinwiddie and another officer tried to enter the apartment, 50-year-old Marvin Louis Guy and a 49-year-old woman opened fire on authorities, hitting Dinwiddie in the face and Officer Odis Denton in the leg. 

Guy is now in the Bell County Jail and faces three attempted capital murder charges. 

Police had to evacuate the adjoining apartments before eventually taking the suspects into custody.

The two other officers who were shot at were treated and released, thanks to their protective gear. Officer Denton underwent surgery and remains hospitalized. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Though I wish the war on drugs would be ended, my sympathies are with the family of the police officer. People who choose to make a living breaking the law are still law breakers and are probably bad people in many other ways. God commands people to submit to rulers, even when they are more intrusive and controlling than they should be. So I have no problem believing these two drug dealers are bad people.

Unless they aren’t drug dealers at all. Nothing is said in the story about any contraband being found at the apartment.

The police department statement says that officers were shot while they were “beginning to breach the window.” So as far as I know, a man was awoken at 5:30 a.m. by men in dark clothes breaking through his window (his bedroom window?). He grabbed his gun and fired on them.

Is there a chance that he and his partner knowingly fired on police officers? It is hard to imagine how they got taken alive into custody if they were determined to have a shootout with police. I’d love the media to report more of the details, but right now it seems more like they surrendered once they realized it was the police who were after them.

I’m open to being corrected on any of these details.

But why are these no-knock raids conducted? A Texas Grand Jury has already refused to prosecute one person who fired in self-defense during a raid. Forget about the horrible things that happen when the wrong house is SWAT raided. Forget about the things that happen to the victims in such cases. Why are we risking the lives of police officers in these raids?

Yes, a suicidal psychopath could shoot a cop who knocks on the door. But if people know they are up against the police, they know they can’t win. Which is riskier? Knocking and identifying oneself, or breaking in by surprise when someone is likely to be asleep? I think the odds of being shot at when knocking are far less than awakening a gun owner who has no idea who is breaking into his home.

These SWAT raids are hazardous to everyone; they need to stop.