Knockout Game Proves Guns Prevent Crime

A recent instance of the so-called Knockout Game shows that guns prevent crime.

Of course, anyone thinking about it for a moment would expect this. If you are an unarmed criminal looking for a victim, you are not going to choose to attack someone whom you know is armed. But what if you are an armed criminal? Even then, you are going to not want to endanger your life. The potential consequences for trying to attack someone are much more severe in the case of a person who is armed. The fact that a criminal may have equal firepower with the person he wants to victimize, doesn’t mean that he is likely to attack. He knows that he might get killed.

A disarmed society is always an advantage to young toughs.

I’ve pointed out before how “the knockout game” could never develop except in a widely disarmed society (like ours!). So this story at Yahoo! News should be no surprise:

A teenager playing “knockout game” punched a man in the face after he made certain that the victim was not carrying a gun, a Florida man told police.

According to a witness who saw the attack unfold, a teenager approached a man who was walking alone on Neptune Beach on July 31, the Florida Times-Union reported Friday.

According to the victim, the teen, who was with three accomplices, asked him if he had a “glock.”

While Glock is a weapons manufacturer, the term “glock” is also used generically to describe any type of handgun.

After the man said that he did not have a weapon, the teen punched him in the face.

Instances of the “knockout game” have been widely reported in cities across the country over the last several years. Carried out most often by teenagers — usually in groups — the goal of the so-called game is to knock a target unconscious. Several people have died during the attacks.

Fearing that outcome, the victim pulled out a folding knife that he was carrying and pretended it was a gun, according to the Florida Times-Union.

Naturally, the fifteen-year-old perp fled for his life from the fake gun.